17 Ways To Make A Man Go Crazy For You, According To A Guy

There are some things that ALL guys like, but attraction is about more than wearing lacy lingerie or showing a little skin. If you want to make a man go crazy for you, doing any of these things should put you on the right track.

  1. Being unapologetically confident Do you know what the sexiest thing in the world is? A woman who’s hot as hell and knows it. Someone who takes command of a situation knows who she is and what she wants. So if you want to seduce a guy, first you need to be confident in who you are. Think about it like sales. If you’re selling yourself, you have to believe in the product, right? Of course, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Try to tow it so you don’t end up turning him off instead.
  2. Giving us just a little taste A cheeky flash of skin, the outline of some sexy undies, a skirt that’s just that little bit too short. These are the tools of your trade. You know your assets, and we love it when you show your body off. I know I said that the key to making a guy go crazy for you was about more than looks. Still, we’d be lying if I said they didn’t matter at all.
  3. Smiling It’s the best thing you can do. It opens up your body language and invites us in. A smile is an easy way to say that you want to engage with the world around you. It’ll also help you emotionally lift yourself up as your body feels those muscles get triggered and thinks, “Oh yeah, I’m happy!” Obviously, if you’re having a bad day or just not up for flashing a grin, don’t force it for our sake. But if you’re happy and you know it, showing us is an easy way to capture our hearts. It also sends the message that you’re a positive, happy person. That’s always a good thing. Who wants to be around someone who’s miserable all the time?
  4. Flirting through touch You don’t have to lazily drag a fingernail all the way along our arms or play with our ears like a telenovela star. We’re talking about just standing a little too close to us, brushing against us in an elevator, reaching across us rather than going around. The slightest touch can have a huge impact on how fast our hearts pound when we’re around you and it will make any man go crazy for you.
  5. Making eye contact A lot of people don’t actually make eye contact when they interact. That’s why it’s such an intimate thing to do – and why it really catches a guy’s attention. It doesn’t have to be two minutes of creeper staring. It’s more about weaving lingering eye contact into everyday interactions. For example, if you work with him, start off your elevator ride or morning greeting with a second of eye contact. Easy.
  6. Getting personal If you want to build intimacy with us, you need to share. When someone shares something or does something for you, you feel compelled to return the gesture. So if you share something personal, then more often than not, we’ll return the favor. Soon you’ll be talking like old friends.
  7. Smelling nice We love it when women smell nice. Do you know why? Because we’re inherently smelly creatures, and it’s just so wonderful that you’re not. Plus, your smell comes loaded with extra benefits. Scent is linked to memory, and it’s extremely effective at influencing the subconscious. What this means is that whenever we get a whiff of your smell, be it in the car the next day or two weeks from now in the supermarket, we’ll start thinking of you. Pheromones are very powerful — never underestimate them.
  8. Being yourself It’s easy to blow things out of proportion and overthink seduction. Just be yourself – you’re already awesome enough! Plus, you’ll be WAY happier being you than trying to be someone else, and that will show. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable, and those are good vibes to be putting out there. We don’t want to fall for one person only to realize down the line that you’re somebody completely different.
  9. Being straightforward Once you’re closing in on the end game, be straightforward. First, it’ll alleviate our concerns that we’ve totally misread the situation and you just want to be friends (a perpetual fear for every man ever). Second, it’s mega sexy to know what you want and have the guts to actually say it. Trust me. If you say, “I want to take you back to my place and have rambunctious sex with you until 5 a.m.,” we’ll be yours.
  10. Paying attention Yep, we’re suckers for women who actually remember what we say. If we tell you that we have a weakness for burritos on date one and you suggest an awesome burrito place for date five, we’re going to have to do all we can to keep from swooning.
  11. Not being too available It seems weird that backing off a bit would make a man go crazy for you, and admittedly, we do operate in some strange ways. Nevertheless, this is true. We want to see you, but it actually makes us want you even more when you don’t say yes every time we ask you to hang out. It’s all about the chase for many guys, so knowing that you have a life outside of us and that we have to make an effort to fit into it goes a long way in winning us over.
  12. Being a little mysterious Eventually, we want to know everything about you, but that shouldn’t happen right away. It probably sounds a little gross, but we want to sort of peel off the layers of who you are slowly like a flower. In other words, instead of spilling your guts to us right away or telling us your life story on the first date, keep us guessing a bit. It’s one of the easiest ways to make us go crazy for you because no man will be able to resist the desire to know more.
  13. Showing off your independence You’re proud of how much you’ve accomplished in your life and the fact that you’re so independent and self-sufficient. Why not show that off? Men love knowing that the women we’re with are with us because they want to be, not because they’re looking for a provider. Plus, there’s something undeniably sexy about a woman who can provide everything she wants for herself.
  14. Poking fun at us While you shouldn’t be unnecessarily cruel or try to disguise an insult as humor, we do love when a woman doesn’t take life or herself too seriously and is comfortable teasing us. It shows that she’s not uptight about possibly offending us and that she wants to develop a good rapport with us. In many ways, it reminds us of those elementary school days when you always teased the people you had crushes on.
  15. Eating whatever you want in front of us So many women feel weird about eating normally in front of men. It’s as if we’re going to judge you negatively for getting a burger instead of a salad or something. This is a big mistake! Not only will you end up being hungry, but guys actually love it when women feel confident enough to order whatever they want off the menu. We love women who are happy to stuff their faces with the best of us. If you want to make a man go crazy for you, match his appetite and see how much he loves it.
  16. Pretending to love the things we love Listen, ladies. We kinda know that you’re not the world’s biggest fan of the NFL and that you don’t have a deep-seated love for World of Warcraft. However, we think it’s really sweet when you try and pretend that you are and do. We know that you’re doing it because you want to relate to us more and you want us to like you. And it actually does help in that regard. It’s actually really adorable.
  17. Calling us out on our crap We definitely don’t love being nagged or shouted at for no reason. However, we do find it incredibly sexy when a woman isn’t afraid to call us out when we do something wrong. Any man will go crazy for you if you can stand up to him and hold your own in an argument. We can’t explain it. It just really makes you that much more attractive in our eyes.
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.