You know that you love each other, but that doesn’t mean he’s the person you’re meant to be with forever. How do you know that he’s your person? While every relationship is different, there are some things you should be experiencing in your relationship if it’s going to go the distance. Look for these signs that he’s “The One” you’ve been looking for.

You never get tired of “dating” him. 

As your relationship progresses and you become more comfortable with your partner, the vibe changes to something more relaxed than what it was in the beginning. You hang out on the couch, he’s seen you without makeup, and things are generally much more relaxed. You may not get the same butterfly-like feeling every time you get ready to head out to dinner or a movie, but your true soulmate is someone you will never get tired of being with or around.

He knows you better than anyone else. 

You should never neglect your friends for your romantic relationship, of course, but you should also have a deep and intimate friendship with your partner as well as romance. “The One” will pick up on all of the little quirks and details of your personality and will take the time to really get to know every little thing about you. He’ll start to pick up on your habits, your moods, and your reactions to different things going on in life and just know how you’re feeling. When you find someone who makes it seem like they know you better than you know yourself, it’s a pretty good sign.

Your future dreams and desires seem to align. 

Our plans and dreams often change and take different shapes as things in our lives evolve. The person you’re meant to be with may not have the exact same plan for their life as you do for yours, but if you discover they the two of you have similar ideas about what you want for your future and your dreams seem to be matching up, it could be one of the signs that your relationship is meant to be. Even if the goals you want to accomplish seem impossible, the one for you will encourage you and support as you strive to achieve everything you want in life.

He loves you for you and doesn’t want to change you.

The guy for you will accept you for who you are and never try to change you. Often times, love can be conditional for people. They’ll agree to be with someone if that person acts, looks, or thinks a certain way. That’s not real love. Love isn’t adoring every single detail about a person and trying to change what you don’t like. It’s appreciating the whole package.

He can turn your mood around even on the worst days.

It’s amazing to go home after a bad day and have someone there who can hold you and tell you that it’s all going to be okay. The guy for you will know when you’re down and he’ll do everything in his power to lift you back up because he can’t be truly happy unless you’re happy. This one is non-negotiable in my book. If your partner won’t put in the effort to make you feel better when you’re going through it, he simply isn’t the one for you.

He involves you in the most personal aspects of his life.

Whether it’s introducing you to the people who mean the most to him, telling you all about his past, his hopes, and fears, or just letting himself be vulnerable around you, he lets you in. If he trusts you with those very intimate moments of his life and soul, he may just be your soulmate.

The two of you can fight fair.

The question is not IF you fight, that’s a given. The question is HOW you fight. When I say “fight fair,” I’m talking about the way you express your frustrations to one another. You can let your partner know that you’re angry or disappointed in him without going to extremes such as name-calling, hurling senseless insults that you know will hurt each other, or threatening to walk out or leave the relationship. You can argue a point and even get heated without doing damage that could be irreparable.

You’re able to lean on each other.

What people don’t always mention about relationships is that sometimes, it’s not so even and equal. There are many different seasons and stages of our lives and relationships. Sometimes one person in a relationship is struggling a little more than the other. Sometimes they’re struggling a lot more. Love is about being willing to pick your partner up and carry them when they can’t go on themselves. If you know that this is temporary and are willing to stick it out even when it’s difficult, he may be your one and only.

When you envision your future, he’s always in it.

Whether it’s a career goal, places in the world you want to travel to, an artistic accomplishment you want to achieve, a family you want to have, and raise, it doesn’t matter. If you picture these things in your mind and you always seem to picture him standing beside you through it all, then I think it’s pretty safe to say he may be “The One.”

You can’t imagine your life without him.

This last sign is so simple but it counts for so much. If you’re wondering if the person you’re with is the one you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with then it’ll be pretty clear that you can’t live without him. You’re capable of dominating life on your own but you don’t want to and you know you don’t have to. If you get excited about all of the possibilities the future might hold but you can’t even fathom having it without him, this guy might be end game.

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