10 Ways To Know Pretty Much Immediately If He’s The One

You’re getting to the age where you’re tired of casual dating and are looking to meet a long-term partner you can build a real life with and be with long-term. While you shouldn’t rush into a relationship with anyone or think that after one date you’re going to be together forever, there are some early signs that you’ve found The One.

You share the same values.

Do you both want – or not want – kids? Do you want to get married in the future? Do you want to focus on a healthy lifestyle, and/or be in a committed relationship instead of an open one? When you want the same things in your present and future, that shows that you can both grow together. If you differ on key issues right off the bat, you’d be better off moving on.

He lets you be yourself.

This is not a common thing to feel when you start dating someone, so if the guy makes you feel this way then you know you’re dating the right person. Being yourself means many things, such as being able to express your emotions and say what you really feel without being judged. You should never have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

He puts you first.

If from the start of your relationship, the guy makes it clear that you’re his priority, then you know you have a keeper. He shouldn’t make you feel like he has to change or his life has to change in order to make you number one. It should happen right away.

He’s the male version of you.

 While you don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, it sure helps to have many similar lifestyle habits and personality traits as your partner. This will make you have to compromise less when it comes to what to do together on the weekend or what city to move to, and it can reduce conflict too.

He shares your fighting style.

When he upsets you by doing something you don’t like, does the situation turn into a full-blown fight that results in you wanting to talk about it while he wants to walk away? That’s not cool. If you both have a similar way of dealing with conflicts, this will ensure you both get heard in the relationship and can patch things up and move on without getting dragged by your issues.

He’s all about support.

Does it feel like your boyfriend supports your dreams and cheers you on when you embrace your independence? That’s important in any relationship, and when your partner shows you this right from the start, you’ll know that you have space in the relationship to grow and reach your fullest potential.

He gives you the respect you deserve.

When a guy shows you respect, what it really means is that he’s treating you with the same kindness and consideration that he’d want in return. It’s a good sign of things to come in the relationship. Ultimately, without respect, you won’t have a happy, healthy relationship. His respect for you might show up in small ways at the beginning of your relationship, like how he always makes sure that activities he wants to do will be fun for you too, or how he calls when he says he will.

He can sit with you and do nothing. 

When you and your partner don’t need to do fun, exciting activities together in order to connect and enjoy yourselves, this means you connect on a deeper level. This is a healthy foundation on which you can build a happy relationship. It’s also linked to having good communication.

He’s starting on the same page.

 When you and your partner are clear about your intentions when starting the relationship, you’ll both know where you stand and this will enable you to grow together. Without him being forthcoming and open, there’s no way he can be the right person for you to date.

He’s open and honest about his mistakes.

When your partner makes a mistake, does he step up and apologize to you? If he can be honest about his mistakes, even ones that occurred before you came along, and what he’s learned from them, that’s the type of guy you want to align with for the future. You don’t want someone who never takes responsibility for their actions and doesn’t see when they’re wrong – that will just end up being a toxic relationship.

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