12 Signs He’s Emotionally Attached To You, According To A Guy

If your ultimate goal is to get into a serious relationship, you’re usually not home-free until the guy develops a real bond with you. The problem with men is that it can take us longer than you’d like for us to get to that stage. The other problem with men is that we won’t come out and tell you that we’re catching serious feelings. You have to pay attention and pick up on signs that he’s starting to like you so much that he’s becoming emotionally attached to you. Here are some to look out for.

  1. He tries really hard. Of course, all of the good guys will aim to please, but one who’s becoming attached will go the extra mile. He’ll go to considerable lengths to do things that will help you or do what he thinks will make you happy.
  2. He texts you constantly. For the record, I’m not sure if women think there’s such a thing as too much texting. Suffice it to say, a guy who is emotionally attached to you will be sending you frequent messages. You’ll always be on his mind and so he’ll always want to text to check in with you.
  3. His memory is impeccable. If you ever want to test if a guy is serious, see how well he remembers the things you say to him. If he’s getting attached, he’ll want to know you as well as possible. More importantly, he’ll actually be listening to you when you speak. That’ll make it easy for him to absorb everything you say and remember little details of what you tell him and your time together.
  4. He pushes for a commitment. If this isn’t one of the most obvious signs he’s emotionally attached to you, I don’t know what is. It’s not every day that the guy is the one pushing for a commitment or a table. If he is, it’s a safe bet that he’s emotionally attached to you. There’s almost no other explanation for why he’s asking for a commitment (or illustrating that he wants it). In his mind, he’s found someone special and wants to lock you down.
  5. He’s there when things are bad. If you’re in a bad mood or things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine, it’s the emotionally attached guy who still wants to be around you. In a way, this is a bit of a relationship test to see if things will last. If he wants to be around you even when the waters are rough and steps up to the plate to be more supportive at these times, you can tell he’s serious.
  6. He makes plans with you. When a guy is emotionally attached to you, he’ll need to know the next time he’ll see you. Granted, he’ll lose some of his spontaneity, which can be fun. However, he’ll want to make firm plans to see you, which shows that he doesn’t just want to see you but needs to see you.
  7. He doesn’t want to leave you. When you hang out with a guy and he doesn’t want it to end, it can be a sign that he’s becoming attached. He’ll linger at the door or start a silly conversation just to prolong the time spent with you. This is cute, right?
  8. He talks about his family. A guy who’s emotionally attached will always be more willing to open up to you. Specifically, he’ll be a lot more willing to talk about his family with you. When he feels attached to you, he’ll make the assumption that you’ll be around for a while. That means he’ll subconsciously want you to be more acquainted with his family and friends. Therefore, he’ll talk a lot about them in your presence.
  9. He stalks you on social media. For better or worse, being attached to someone can lead to stalking. Hopefully, it’s the harmless Internet kind of stalking. In fairness, being emotionally attached isn’t the only reason why a guy is all over your social media profiles. That being said, it can be a good sign that he wants to get to know you better. Either he’s getting super attached to you or he has a weird agenda, so high risk-high reward in a sense.
  10. He gives your hobbies a try. Whenever a guy starts to make an emotional investment in you, he’ll try to become more involved in your life. That means assuming your hobbies and taking an interest in your interests. Keep in mind that guys don’t change easily and they don’t always like trying new things. So if he’s adopting your hobbies, it usually means he has serious feelings for you.
  11. He only wants to look at you. I’ll be honest – it’s not easy for a guy to not look at an attractive woman who entered his field of vision. Even if he seems to be in a happy relationship, this isn’t easy. When you notice that he isn’t allowing his eyes to wander, it’s usually a sign that he’s deeply attached to you. It means he only wants to look at you no matter what. There could be a supermodel on the TV or a sex scene in a movie, and he’ll still be gazing over at you.
  12. You’re always his first choice. Given a choice between spending time with you and anything else, a guy who’s emotionally attached will always choose you. His friends will probably call him whipped. But really, he’s just taken with you and can’t get enough. If you’re past the honeymoon stage, it’s one of the best signs that the guy has become emotionally attached to you and to the relationship.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.