12 Things To Remember When You’re Complaining About Being Single

12 Things To Remember When You’re Complaining About Being Single ©iStock/mikolette

Love it or hate it, being single is something we’ve all dealt with. If you’re dealing with it now, your first instinct might be to whine every time you see a happy couple on TV or when your best friend couples up, leaving you as the last single one in your group. You’ve got better things to do than worrying about finding the right person, so quit whining, be happy, and remember the following:

  1. You’re not special. You feel alone and it sucks to be single. Big deal. Millions of others are saying the exact same thing right now. You’re not the only single person alive. You’re not special, so accept that you’re just like millions of others.
  2. Finding someone won’t complete you. If you’re not complete now, a partner isn’t going to help. If you think it will, you’re dead wrong. You complete yourself — a partner complements you, but isn’t your other half or any of that other mushy BS you hear others say.
  3. Many couples would kill to be you. Do you realize how many couples would kill to be single again? They might love each other, but they miss all the fun of being single. You have what they want, yet you’re whining about it. It drives them crazy.
  4. No one’s standing in your way. As a couple, you have to think about each other before doing anything. Want to travel half way across the world to pursue your dream? If you’re not single, that may never happen because your partner doesn’t want to go. Celebrate your freedom instead of whining it away.
  5. You’re not as lonely as you think. Loneliness is kind of a gift. It helps you learn more about yourself and you have the chance to become a stronger, more independent woman. Besides, you have friends, family and co-workers, so you’re not alone.
  6. All that whining is keeping you from finding love. The more you whine, the longer you’ll be single. It turns into a kind of repulsive perfume that drives guys away. If you’re this bad single, how much of a nag will you be in a relationship? The less you worry about it, the sooner you’ll find someone to spend your life with.
  7. You get a bed all to yourself. What are you whining about again? You get to toss and turn and sleep all over the bed. No one’s in the way or taking the covers. Do you honestly realize how lucky you are? Want to cuddle? Get a boyfriend pillow.
  8. There’s no asking permission for anything. Want to buy a $2000 big screen TV? Want to move to a new city? You don’t have to ask permission for anything. It’s your life and you don’t have a partner or shared finances to worry about. It’s all about what you want and need in life.
  9. You’re free to do whoever, whenever. There’s nothing wrong with monogamy, but enjoy being able to do whoever you want whenever you want. Feel like a random hookup? Go for it. As a couple, you don’t get to do that anymore and if you do, you’re a cheater. Have fun and explore your sexuality for now.
  10. It’s not going to last forever. Do you honestly think you’re going to be single forever? Get over it already. You’ll find someone. Then you’ll probably whine about being in a relationship too. Try to accept that you’re single and that it’s only temporary. It’s like getting a bad haircut. Eventually, it’ll grow back out.
  11. You’re driving your friends insane. Your friends are there for you, but they’re getting sick of hearing your “I’m going to die old and alone” sob story every time you’re together. Don’t you have a life outside of finding a partner? Talk about that. The more you whine, the less your friends are going to want to be around.
  12. Do you even really want someone? Think about it for a second. Do you honestly want a relationship or are you just in love with the idea of it? Do you just want someone because your friends are coupled up? The last thing you want is to whine about wanting something that you never really wanted at all.
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