12 Ways Men Are Ruining Dating

Dating definitely isn’t what it used to be. You had your not so great guys, but for the most part, men finally grew up and became gentlemen that wanted to settle down with the right woman. This meant they knew how to date and woo (yes, I actually said woo) a woman. Now, men are ruining dating. Not every guy of course, but it seems to be a general trend that guys aren’t that interested in any type of real dating. It’s sad, but don’t give up hope. There are some good guys left out there. Here’s what the bad ones do, however, to ruin dating.

  1. It’s all about instant gratification. Forget commitment. Why bother when it’s all about instant gratification? Guys complain about being lonely, but when all they care about is getting laid, that’s all they’re going to get. They have a one track mind and it has nothing to do with committing to a relationship.
  2. They say they’ll text you later (and they usually forget). What the hell! This isn’t romance. How sweet that a guy can type. I may not be a princess, but I damn well deserve more than a text. It’s like guys have completely forgotten how to dial a phone or meet in person. Yeah, I’m really interested in going on a date with someone who texts me an address and just expects me to show up.
  3. They show up whenever they please. I know it’s difficult to read the little digital numbers on your phone, but at least give it a try once in a while. I bet you want sex immediately, but you can’t bother to show up on time. I absolutely love sitting in a restaurant, by myself and waiting on your sorry ass to get there. And no, “I just lost track of time” isn’t good enough. Either call me in advance or don’t bother. I have better things to do than wait, like finding a better guy.
  4. They don’t want to do anything. It’s amazing how they’re always ready to go out with their friends, but the moment it’s date time with you, they just want to stay in and order take out. Don’t you just feel so special! It’s the same thing every time. He doesn’t want to do a damn thing with you.
  5. They bitch the whole night. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the date was all about you. I thought there were two people here. Guess I was wrong. Nothing’s more annoying than having a man bitch all night because he didn’t like the restaurant you chose or he would’ve rather seen a different movie. Yet, you ask what he wants to do and all you get is a mumbled “I don’t know.” Have an opinion beforehand or zip it.
  6. Conversation is painful at best. It’s all up to the woman to make conversation. Yet, the moment she starts talking, his eyes glaze over. We either talk too much or not enough. Guys, we don’t know what you want here. If you want to date, you have to talk too. It’s not exactly fun talking to a dressed up zombie.
  7. Dressing is apparently way too hard. Is it really too much to ask to at least put on a clean shirt and jeans? Hell, go by a thrift store on your way to pick me up and find something clean that’s not full of holes that smells like the worst locker room ever. It’s not sexy or romantic to show up looking like a bum. A little effort is all we ask for.
  8. Eyes wander everywhere. Yes, we notice and yes, it completely ruins the date. Women know that a date doesn’t mean anything serious is going on yet, but that doesn’t give a guy the right to blatantly check out every woman in the room while they’re on a date. If you don’t want to be there, don’t ask a woman out. If you do want to be there, keep your eyes on the woman you’re dating. It’s not exactly sweet knowing you’re trying to find other prospects on our date.
  9. Patience isn’t a virtue. Getting pissed off when a woman doesn’t put out on the first date isn’t going to lead to date number two. Yeah, it’s a real turn on knowing you only asked us out to get laid. How about proving you’re a decent guy first? Now, every woman feels like she either has to put out or lose the guy before there’s even a relationship. Congrats guys, you’ve officially ruined the romance of dating.
  10. They’re bored as soon as you say yes. Have you ever noticed how guys tend to lose interest the moment you agree to a date? Is it all just some kind of sick game? I don’t get it. You worked your ass off to get my attention and now that you have it, you’re not interested anymore. It’s so much fun watching you zone out during the whole date or better yet, canceling at the last minute and never calling again.
  11. It’s all about him. The moment you speak, he quits paying attention. But if you don’t catch every word about his fantasy football team, he starts pitching a fit. Dating is all about where he wants to eat, what he wants to do and what he wants to talk about (if he even bothers trying to have a conversation with you). If you’re that into yourself, just date yourself.
  12. What’s a gentleman again? Showing off your belching and farting skills isn’t romantic. Hitting on other girls in front of us doesn’t work either. Would it really kill you to knock on a woman’s door instead of just honking the horn? Guys seem to forget they’re on a date and not hanging out with their friends at a sports bar. Gentleman is quickly becoming an endangered species.

I’m sure all of you’ve met guys who have ruined dating for you. They piss you off and treat you like crap. Forget them and just go out with the girls instead. I think we all need a break from dating now and again.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.