Watching your friends fall in love while you’re still single isn’t exactly fun. Why hasn’t your true love come along yet? I don’t have an answer to that, but I will tell you there’s no reason to start rushing around trying to find “the one.” Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it’ll happen when it happens.

Yes, it’s time to take a break and stop rushing love. Whether you’re pushing every guy you date to say “I love you” after the first date or jumping from relationship to relationship hoping everything magically clicks, the more you rush things, the harder it is to find love. Don’t ruin your chance at love just because you’re impatient.

You’ll stress yourself out. 

Family, friends, work, reality TV – you have enough to stress you out. You don’t need some self-imposed love timeline making you go crazy. The less stressed you are, the easier it is to connect with new people.

It only pushes others away. 

You might have a great guy, but pushing him to tell you how he feels and marry you immediately is only going to push him away. If you rarely make it past a few dates, your impatience could be the problem.

Desperation isn’t sexy. 

I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually thinks desperation is a sexy trait. I get that you want love, but the more desperate you look and act, the more guys are going to run. You might as well wear a shirt saying “marry me and let’s have kids.” Yes, that’s going to terrify everyone.

You’ll try to force yourself to love someone. 

Your rushing could cloud your emotions. You don’t want to be left behind by your friends, so you start trying to convince yourself you love whoever you’re currently dating. Don’t force it. If you feel it, great. If not, move on.

Love takes time. 

Love at first sight is a sweet concept, but it’s extremely rare. It takes time to truly fall in love. That initial crush you have is a good start, but it’s not quite love yet. You have to spend time with someone (not just a few dates or months) to truly know how you feel.

It’s okay to be single. 

There’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s not like you have some disease that only your true love can cure. Your couple friends are probably jealous of your freedom. Enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll find love soon enough.

There’s no time limit on love. 

Some couples hit it off in high school. Some don’t find each other until they’ve retired. Yeah, I know, not encouraging if you want love right this second. What I’m trying to say is everyone falls in love at different times. Be patient.

There’s more to life than finding a man. 

What are you missing out on in your desperation to find love as soon as possible? So what if you’re still single. Have fun with your friends, travel and work on your career. You’re not a man finding machine. You’re a strong, independent woman. Act like it.

You’ll overlook the right one. 

The right man might not be in a place to marry you right now. Since you want it now, you move on. Then you wonder why you can’t find love. Stop rushing things and see how the relationship goes. Otherwise, you might leave the right man far in your past.

It just leads to more bad relationships. 

Instead of putting any real work into a relationship, you just jump from one to another. You believe any guy who says he loves you. All you’re doing is having an epic string of bad relationships and coming up with crappy reasons why the guys aren’t all that bad.

You might never know what love is. 

Without spending any real time or effort in a relationship, you might never actually learn what love feels like. Don’t stress yourself out rushing around trying to find love. Do you really want to miss out just because you couldn’t wait?

You make really bad decisions. 

Like believing guys who say “I love you” just to get you in bed. You start dating any and every body in the hopes of finding love. You even lower your standards just so you’re not single anymore. You’re not going to find love this way.

You skip important steps in a relationships. 

You want to go from “Hi” to “I love you” to happily ever after in just a few weeks. I don’t care how much you might think you’re in love, the relationship will fail if you move too fast. You need to date, take time to learn about each other, discuss the future and see if you really are a good match for each other.

You might fall in love tomorrow or it might be five years from now. You have friends and family who love you. Let that be enough and enjoy your life. Don’t rush love and you might find that love finds you after all.

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