15 Things That Make You Hot As Hell & Have Nothing To Do With Your Appearance

You might think you need to be hot so that guys find you attractive, but attraction isn’t just about physical appearance. It’s about so much more, including these 15 things:

Your radiating warmth. 

You know when you look at someone who’s just walked into the room and you immediately get a cold vibe from them? Or, they just look friendly and open, coming across as a warm person? Energy plays an important role in attraction, so if you want people to gravitate towards you, make sure you’re showing positive body language, smiling and looking friendly instead of like someone who’ll bite their heads off.

The sound of your voice. 

There’s nothing sexier than a really gorgeous voice. What makes a sexy voice varies from one person to the next, but there are things you can do to come across as more attractive. It’s all in the way you speak. A good idea is to speak slower because people who speak too quickly come across as nervous (and perhaps irritating), so slow down and you’ll be smoother.

The way you smell. 

How you smell makes a huge impact on people. A study found scent can be just as important as physical appearance. Don’t bath in perfume, though – too much of any scent, even a really delicious one, can be overwhelming and nausea-inducing. Less is more!

Your thousand-watt smile. 

A study found that women who smile are viewed as more attractive, but the same isn’t true for men! Interesting. A reason is that people associate happiness with femininity, so go on and show off your pearly whites when you meet people.

Your emotional openness. 

You might think you should play hard to get, but a German study found that people see those who make it easy for others to understand their emotions as much more attractive. So show the cute guy that you’re into him by flirting a bit because it makes it easier for him to connect with you. Mixed signals aren’t sexy.

Your ability to see beauty in yourself. 

Every single person in the world has something beautiful about them, so don’t think that you’re not beautiful because that’s BS. Find what makes you gorgeous and show it off to the world. The bonus is that when you believe you’re beautiful by showing off your assets, you’ll radiate good energy.

Your creative mind. 

Show off your creativity. Why is this linked to attractiveness? Creativity is associated with intelligence and it displays your passions. When you’re passionate about something, this fire makes you appealing to others. It’s contagious to be around someone who’s expressing their unique charms and chasing their dreams.

How kind you are to people. 

Being kind can make you look hotter than you are. A study found that when people rated 60 photographs of female faces that had positive personality descriptions (such as honest) and faces that had negative descriptions (such as unkind), the people with positive descriptions were seen as more attractive. Proof that personality wins!

Your self-care. 

There’s something really attractive about people who clearly look after themselves. You can spot them by their healthy skin, shiny hair, and bright teeth, for instance. Self-care is linked to self-respect, which is appealing in a partner.

Your love of holding deep conversations. 

You might think standing at the bar, chatting with a cute guy about the weather is good, but it’s actually not. If you want to seem more attractive, move past the generic communication onto something deeper. A 1997 study found that people who asked each other deeper questions built connections.

Your lust for life. 

Sometimes trying to be attractive makes you too worried about what everyone thinks of you, which actually makes you seem less attractive because you seem neurotic and self-obsessed! Forget about the people around you and how you’re coming across, and just live your life with passion. You’ll be having fun and you’re more likely to intrigue people in this way.

Your ability to act hot

If you don’t feel hot, fake it! Some of the most beautiful women know that they should behave like they’re beautiful because it increases their attractiveness. When you walk into a room, looking comfortable and at ease, standing tall and confident, you instantly boost your attractiveness. Just think: a supermodel who walks into a room looking uneasy and slouching doesn’t seem as attractive as she could be, right? This just proves how you can act your way to attractiveness no matter what you look like.

Your level of comfort with yourself. 

You really don’t have to overdo the makeup, hair or outfits in order to seem more attractive. In fact, many guys will admit to finding women who are more natural to be hotter. Ever noticed how a guy’s more likely to tell you you’re hot when you’re wearing a tracksuit and your hair’s in a messy bun? Exactly. The point is that you don’t need to do a lot to be attractive – you already are in your natural state. Own it.

Your confidence. 

You know the drill: confidence makes you sexy. There’s no doubt about it. If you carry yourself with confidence, you’re really telling the world that you respect yourself, love yourself and know your worth. It makes people step up and take notice – and if you believe in yourself, they’ll be more likely to believe in you.

Your insistence on speaking your mind. 

When you don’t blend in with the crowd and are unafraid to say what’s on your mind, you’re attractive. You’re exercising an intellectual muscle, you aren’t trying to be liked, and expressing your individuality. You’re so much more refreshing than people who just want to please everyone and be liked! Speak up and watch your attractiveness go up.

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