15 Things You Should Never Say To A Pisces

15 Things You Should Never Say To A Pisces ©iStock/cipella

If there is a single star sign that denotes sensitivity, it’s the Fish. I ought to know — I’m a Pisces myself. We’re known for being both empathetic and sensitive, and for those who are around us, it can be somewhat difficult to understand why we are the way we are. Though we are pretty easy to please, we also can be pretty easy to offend or hurt. If you want to keep the Pisceans in your life happy, you’ll avoid saying these things to them at all costs.

  1. “What is this? Is this supposed to be a present?!” Pisces people love giving gifts, and those gifts come from the heart. If you show ingratitude, or worse, disdain for all that the loving Piscean in your life does, you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t stay in your life for too much longer.
  2. “You’re way too sensitive.” Yes, we Pisceans know we’re sensitive. Saying this just makes you sound like a jerk, and you’re not helping us feel better.
  3. “[Insert any form of emotional blackmail here.]” Emotionally blackmailing anyone is never OK, regardless of what it’s for. When you do this to a Fish, though, it’s just plain cruel. Pisceans don’t stand up to bullies very well, and their empathic nature makes this form of bullying particularly vicious. If you don’t want to traumatize a Pisces, avoid this at all costs.
  4. “You could use to lose some weight.” Saying this to anyone is asking for a fight, but it’s especially bad with Pisceans. Fish need to have a lot of reassurance, and this can easily wreck their entire week.
  5. “I really don’t want to go to that art gallery/concert/poetry slam…” Anything that involves art is a favorite of the Fish, and they’ll be pretty disappointed if you don’t come with them. After all, art is best when shared with friends.
  6. “Why do you wear all those weird clothes?” Pisces girls may have a tendency to show how they feel through their clothing choices, and trying to stifle that tendency will make them pretty upset. With Pisces, if you want to love them, love their style.
  7. “Passive-aggressive, much?” Passive-aggressive behavior is a very Piscean trait, sadly. Unfortunately, telling a Fish to be more direct will usually backfire.
  8. “You’re nuts.” Guys love to invalidate women with this line, and it’s one that is a serious peeve of most Pisces girls. We can’t help how emotional we get at times. Calling us nuts isn’t helping either of us get a better grip on whatever situation that’s making us mad.
  9. “I really don’t want to look at your art, sorry.” This is hurtful to any artist, and artsy Pisceans are not an exception.
  10. “Cheer up, buttercup.” Pisceans who are dealing with something heavy do not want to hear someone telling them to cheer up. If anything, this might actually cause them to get angry at you. A better option would be to be there for them, offer any help needed, and to let them cry it out.
  11. “Why do you insist that you need to be with someone?” Pisceans are hyper-affectionate, and go a little bit nuts if there’s no one to receive all that love. Saying this not only can be hurtful to the Piscean in question but also can be a good way to alienate yourself from them.
  12. “I don’t believe in the paranormal.” The Fish is the most spiritual sign in the zodiac, and it shouldn’t be a shocker that many Pisceans believe in paranormal things. Saying this won’t necessarily offend them, but it will make them feel like you’re narrow-minded.
  13. “[Insert story about how you hurt someone].” If there’s one thing Pisceans truly despise, it’s a bully. Any form of violent behavior or cruelty is a quick way to get them to back away from you.
  14. “I’m not a fan of animals.” Saying this to a Pisces girl will likely weird her out, or just plain turn her off from you. What kind of person doesn’t like kittens?!
  15. “Get your head out of the clouds, will ya?” Pisces are dreamers. Dreamers gonna dream, haters gonna hate. End of story.
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