15 Things Women Fear When They Commit To A Serious Relationship

There comes a tipping point in any long term relationship where things suddenly get super serious. You’ve had the big talk, decided to move in together, or somebody proposed. This increase in relationship significance can trigger some pretty serious anxiety. If you’re freaking out about this relationship being the real deal, you can probably relate to a few of these 15 fears women have when they commit to a serious relationship.

  1. Running out of going out clothes. New relationships mean you get to recycle all your favorite dresses and costume jewelry. By now you’ve probably already made a few purchases and had a few repeats. Eventually, he’ll realize that you’re not one of the Kardashians and your closet does have a budget limit. What if he loses some of that twinkle in his eye when he’s seen you in everything you own? You can’t just keep buying stuff every weekend.
  2. Holding in your farts. You are human and you need to fart. Do you need to find an excuse to leave the room every time? Do you wait for him to let one rip first? Is it open season after it’s happened once?
  3. Being asked to donate your ex’s hoodie to Goodwill. We all have that one hoodie or oversized t-shirt from an ex that we just love. Even though you’re totally over your ex, there’s something so comforting and cozy about wearing that article of clothing that you will try to hide it in the back of your closet for as long as possible…
  4. Having your girl stuff routines judged. So your dude probably didn’t know you spend 90 minutes contouring before date night, or that you do a hair and face mask every week, or have a buy 10 get one 1 free card for your obsession with teeth whitening. Obviously you’re not going to change, but don’t want to be judged either. Girl rituals feel really good.
  5. Sharing the remote. You don’t want to come home from a long day at work to find that Die Hard is on, again. That’s your designated Grey’s Anatomy time.
  6. Losing “me time”. Is he seriously always going to be around? Trying to engage you in thoughtful conversation? Alone time suddenly sounds wonderful.
  7. Getting your playlist vetoed. No need to feel embarrassed that it’s 90% Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and random throw back tracks if that’s what makes you feel good! You don’t want your favorite playlist being banished to your car.
  8. Having no privacy for over eating. Up until now he’s only seen you as a delicate flower, thoughtfully pecking at your salad or slowly savoring every bite of a 5 star meal. How are you going to find some alone time to wipe out an entire pizza or box of Oreos?
  9. He’ll discover how much debt you’re in. Of course your master’s degree and online shopping addiction aren’t free. But you probably haven’t been opening your bills in front of him or discussing the possibility of buying a home together yet. If only this relationship would slow down a bit, you could put this conversation off just a little longer…
  10. He’ll hold on to stuff from his bachelor pad. You don’t need any fluorescent lighting or half naked calendar girls in your life.
  11. Attending twice as many weddings. You’re a designated plus one now, and that’s expensive. You’d prefer to avoid wasting weekends and money celebrating people you don’t know or like.
  12. Regular cleaning. Hiding the fact that you’re a slob up until this point has been exhausting. Now you’re either going to have to start cleaning regularly or let the truth come out and see if he still wants to have sex with you.
  13. He’ll find past relationship keepsakes. Now you’ve got to comb through your apartment in search of old photos, gifts, and love letters, which is an annoying chore. You can throw them out or live dangerously and stash them in a shoe box somewhere.
  14. Losing custody of a big ticket item if you break up. You pretty much have to buy some new stuff when you move in together. Do you want to take the financial gamble of losing custody of the couch or TV you paid half for?
  15. Realizing you’ve already slept with one of his friends. You’re inevitably going to meet all the friends, and there’s a slight possibility you’ve already banged one of them. Bigger fear: you’ve already slept with one of his friends and he’s the only one who remembers it happening.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.