15 Ways To Stop Attracting So Much Drama

15 Ways To Stop Attracting So Much Drama ©iStock/BraunS

While some people might enjoy drama, for most of us, it gets old quickly. Stop accepting that it’s just a part of life. Sure, no one can avoid drama all the time, but there are ways to stop attracting it. Why let yourself be a magnet when you could live happier and mostly drama-free?

  1. Stop oversharing. The more information people have on you, the easier it is to create drama. You might post a picture of yourself at the beach, only to have rumors start about your weight or that you’re cheating on your boyfriend. Stupid, I know. The moral of the story? Share less of your personal life with your “social” friends.
  2. Mind your own business. It’s tempting to get involved in friends’ problems, but if they don’t ask for your help, stay out of it. Sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong just makes you a bigger magnet.
  3. Stop playing games. Are you still stuck in high school? Do you treat relationships like games? That kind of mentality attracts drama like bees to honey. It’s time to grow up and stop playing around.
  4. Learn to calm down. Sometimes it’s best to just close your mouth and walk away. Reacting too quickly to a situation just breeds more drama, and once it starts, it’s hard to stop.
  5. Ignore drama queens. You know who I’m talking about, and they’re not fun to be around. They make everything into a major issue and don’t care who they backstab in the process. Ignore them and cut them out of your life.
  6. Ditch toxic relationships. The problem with toxic people is they tend to attract more toxic people and of course, loads of drama. Cut them out of your life and watch the drama fade away.
  7. Say what you mean. Sometimes being nice gets you in trouble. It’s sad, but true. People walk all over you and you’re suddenly front and center for the latest drama show. Just say what you mean and move on.
  8. Don’t overanalyze. It’s easy to read too much in to what others say, post or text. Stop it, right now. The more you over-analyze everything, the more rumors you start and the more drama that ends up coming back to you.
  9. Think positive. You tend to attract people and situations based on your thoughts. If you think your life is nothing but drama, you’ll attract more drama. If you think more positively, you’ll instantly cut out quite a bit of drama.
  10. Stop blaming yourself. It’s not your fault. Blaming yourself just makes you seem like a drama queen yourself. Don’t fall into that trap. You can’t always help what happens, but you can change how you react to it. If it’s a situation full of drama, just walk away.
  11. Don’t be the cause. Think about how you act. Are you the root of the drama? Once again, don’t blame yourself. It happens sometimes. Just learn the signs that you’re becoming a drama queen and stop. If you’re causing drama, you’ll definitely attract it.
  12. Realize it doesn’t matter what others think. Want an easy way to stop attracting drama? Stop caring what others think. It’s hard for drama to affect you when you don’t care.
  13. Find something to make you happy. When you’re truly happy, drama doesn’t happen often. Find a hobby, career or anything that makes you feel happy. When you’re doing what you enjoy, you attract the right kind of people who are interested in something other than causing trouble.
  14. Focus on your own life. Focusing on you helps you stay out of other people’s problems. It’s also easier to see when certain people and situations are bad for you. Focus on doing what’s best for you and you won’t have to worry about drama.
  15. 15. Refuse to participate. When you don’t participate, the causes of drama usually go away. Don’t help spread a rumor. Don’t talk crap about others. Don’t react when provoked. Be the better person. You might get talked about, but you’re busy being happy, so you don’t care.
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