17 Differences Between a Confident Guy and a Cocky One

People are forever confusing cockiness for confidence, and vice versa. In actuality, they’re VERY different. Needless to say, we all want a guy who’s confident – cockiness is usually just a smoke screen for horrible qualities like low self esteem, immaturity and narcissism. But how do you tell them apart? It’s easy:

1. A confident guy will ask you out. A cocky guy will expect you to come to him.

2. A confident guy is honest about what he wants. A cocky guy plays games.

3. A confident guy doesn’t keep tabs on you. A cocky guy thinks it’s his right to know your every move.

4. A confident guy thinks your guy friends are awesome. A cocky guy doesn’t stop talking about how he’s better than them.

5. A confident guy cares about getting to know you. A cocky guy can’t stop talking about himself.

6. A confident guy wants to show you off. A cocky guy forgets you’re even there.

7. A confident guy is proud of your accomplishments. A cocky guy constantly compares your accomplishments to his.

8. A confident guy takes care of his health for his own well-being. A cocky guy has an Instagram full of mirror gym selfies.

9. A confident guy takes no for an answer. A cocky guy pressures you until you give him what he thinks he deserves.

10. A confident guy admits when he’s wrong. A cocky guy argues his (completely indefensible) point until the cows come home.

11. A confident guy wants to hear your opinion. A cocky guy doesn’t even know you have one.

12. A confident guy brags about how great you are to his friends. A cocky guy doesn’t tell his friends you exist.

13. A confident guy writes a few lines about himself on his online dating profile. A cocky guy writes nothing, and thinks the blurry ab photo should speak for itself.

14. A confident guy trusts your judgement and knows you can take care of yourself. A cocky guy will tell you what is best for you.

15. A confident guy is your equal. A cocky guy thinks he’s better than you.

16. A confident guy swallows his pride and just gives you a hug. A cocky guy regularly says “I told you so” when you make a mistake.

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