18 Signs You Have The Perfect Job For Your Personality Type

18 Signs You Have The Perfect Job For Your Personality Type

There’s nothing more depressing than having a job that doesn’t interest you. It may pay the bills, but it’s boring. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your job will be the perfect match for your personality type. Here are some signs you’re in the latter camp.

1. You don’t mind working overtime.

When you have the right role for your personality type, you don’t spend the whole day wishing time away; in fact, you don’t even mind some occasional overtime (and not just because of the extra pay that often comes along with it). When you’re not worried about being drained by uninteresting small talk or miring your way through boring projects that aren’t even really in your purview, you can focus on completing your work — even if it means staying late.

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2. You love your colleagues.

It makes such a difference when you have plenty in common with your colleagues. In terrible jobs, you find that lots of people view the job as useless, and by extension, have no incentive to connect with their peers. If you’re making friends fast, that’s a clear sign you’re a good personality fit for the position.

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3. You’re productive most of the time.

If you find it easy to concentrate in your new office or collaborate with your new teammates, it’s a great sign. You’re very likely feeling safe, happy, and settled in your role.

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4. You care about your projects.

It’s hard to be a model employee if you don’t care about the work you’re doing. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll naturally work harder and deliver great results, The Guardian reveals. If you fit in seamlessly and challenge yourself in a good way, you’re in the right place.

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5. Work events seem more interesting.

In certain toxic workplaces, there’s nothing worse than the idea of hanging out after hours, with only the offer of free booze to keep morale up. However, when you’re invested in where you work, it’s glorified socializing.

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6. You’re a better worker the busier you are.

Shot of group of business persons in business meeting. Three entrepreneurs on meeting in board room. Corporate business team on meeting in modern office. Female manager discussing new project with her colleagues. Company owner on a meeting with two of her employees in her office.

If you’re in a role where it’s not a good personality fit, the fast-paced office environment can soon sour. However, if your work ethic improves the busier you are, it shows you care about the outcome and the workplace is suited to support the best version of you.

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7. You see a future in that company or industry.

colleagues having business meetingiStock/hobo_018

If you’ve started fantasizing about future promotions and someday being appointed a director or other high-level executive, it’s a sign that your values and ambitions lie with this opportunity.

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8. Networking feels like making friends.

Portrait of a handsome young businessman, manager, leader standing in a suit near the office center and crossing his arms confidently smiling at the camera.

This might sound a little cheesy, but life is just a little sweeter when work is playing ball. This extends to networking events — while for some people, it’s like pulling teeth, it always feels like a party in the right environment.

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9. You have flexibility and freedom.

In the modern workplace, flexibility is key. A sign that you’re in the right place for you is if your boss embraces hybrid work and gives you flexibility to simultaneously work to live, and live to work.

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10. Three words: work-life balance.

man and woman smiling in office

Work-life balance might seem like the buzzword to rule all buzzwords, but boy if it isn’t important. Lots of workplaces are all talk and no action. If your workplace suits your personality, they will know that as passionate as you are, you need ample time off, hybrid schedules, and a bit of trust.

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11. You can lead your own growth.

No-one wants a micromanager, and the best workplaces will always encourage you to lead your own growth. You can work with your company to define the best path to achievement that works for you.

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12. You feel right at home.

If you are a charismatic, chatty extrovert, it stands to reason that sales or business development would be a great personality fit for you. By the same virtue, if you prefer a quieter, less collaborative existence, maybe software development or coding? Finding your niche is the best way to assure success, BetterUp explains.

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13. It aligns with your goals and values.

You have to genuinely care about what you do — it’s not enough for your office to have a cereal bar or free healthcare. For example, don’t study environmental geology and expect to feel understood and fulfilled in the retail business…

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14. Your skills make your job feel easy.

Do you ever feel like you’re suspiciously good at what you do that it almost doesn’t feel like work? That’s a good sign. If the core requirements of your job run counter to what you’re good at, then it’s unlikely to be the best job for you.

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15. You feel secure in your position.

The right workplace will challenge you, but it won’t threaten you. You should feel motivated to succeed. You shouldn’t feel like one wrong move and you’re out. If senior management is toxic, you need to get out of that environment.

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16. The people around you challenge you.

When you’re a big fish in a small pond, there’s no motivation to improve and succeed because you’re already ahead of the game. However, if you’re in an environment where your peers are pushing you to your limit, and you’re pushing them, you’ll deliver great results and you’ll impress yourself. No stagnating or quiet quitting here!

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17. Happy hour isn’t scary.

If anything, you become real friends with your work friends, which is often a tricky milestone! If you don’t love your job, you’ll never have work friends who evolve to real friends because you won’t want to blur that boundary. On the flip side, if everything aligns with your values, why wouldn’t you want more like-minded friends?

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18. It allows you to be extroverted some days and introverted on others.

The right job will give you space to be quieter on some days and more outgoing on others. They know that each work day is different, and requires different skills from you, like leading a meeting versus drafting a report. They understand how to support you — that’s when you know you have the perfect job for your personality.

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