2023 Love Horoscope: What The Year Has In Store For You

There are no guarantees in life, but with so much uncertainty, many people turn to the stars for guidance. While your zodiac sign doesn’t determine the exact course you’ll take, the planets can provide hints for what’s to come. We spoke to astrologers to discover what’s in store for each sign when it comes to dating and relationships in the new year. Here’s your 2023 love horoscope — it’s going to be a good one!

What 2023 has in store for all of us in the love department

As Karen Comen, lead astrologer and health and wellness coach at ZodiacSign.com, tells Bolde, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for love across the zodiac.

“The new year includes transits that signal towards big things that are brewing in our romantic lives,” she explains. “Jupiter will play an important part in each zodiac’s dating life this year as it is the planet of growth, experience, and expansion. By mid-May, it will leave behind warrior Aries and enter the realm of goddess Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus will want you to delve deeper into sensual pleasures and romantic stability. But beware that Jupiter will join forces with the North Node of Destiny on June 1. This means that it will be a time of deep, penetrating transformations, especially when it comes to self-love.”

Love horoscopes by sign for 2023


The 2023 love horoscope looks bright for Aries, especially with Jupiter transiting through the sign right away. Astrologer Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology tells Bolde that the first half of the year will be especially magical for Aries. It’s a time to take advantage of all the positive energy around you.

“The bringer of benefits and blessings, you have great powers of manifestation the first half of the year, so use them if you are looking for love!” she says.

The latter half of 2023 will be just as eventful, although there may be some tough times to work through to get to the good stuff.

“From the middle of 2023 onward, you will have the North Node of the Moon in your sign, bringing karmic events and a blast of independence. With the South Node of the Moon in Libra lighting up your Seventh House of relationships, there could be some very karmic endings and, therefore, new beginnings. Venus will retrograde in your Fifth House of pleasure and fun, so watch that someone who pops up mid-year isn’t just a brief dalliance that you’re done with by the Fall.”


For the single Taurus, there’s an opportunity to meet someone who’s on your wavelength and who’s as committed to doing the spiritual and emotional work as you are to be the best version of yourselves.

“This year is huge for your as far as manifestation and forward momentum. With the South Node of the Moon finishing up its transit through your Seventh House of relationship by mid-year, you will have cleared the way for new love and let go of ancient karmic patterns,” Loftis explains.

The latter half of the year seems particularly promising, with the stars aligning to solidify connections with someone special.

“Once Jupiter moves into your sign in May and the Nodes of the Moon flip in July the vibe changes dramatically and you get what you want. You still have Uranus in your sign as well, bringing magical synchronicities and potent possibilities. Believe!” the astrologer advises.


Sadly, the 2023 love horoscope for Gemini doesn’t seem promising on the surface. That’s not because you’re not totally worthy of love, but rather that your focus is elsewhere. Your priority will be advancing your career and climbing the ladder rather than on finding “The One.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone and lonely all year long. Come summer, you’ll likely have the time or desire for a fling or two. While these relationships won’t last long-term, there’s still value to them, Loftis says.

“Once the Nodes of the Moon change signs in July you will be re-thinking what it is that you find fun and exciting, and you may have some very karmic flings that may not last but help you to define what you don’t want,” she says. “Learning to express yourself well is in focus this year, hone those communication skills.”


As a Cancer, chances are you’ve experienced more than a few ups and downs in the love department over the past several years. It’s been a tumultuous time, but it seems 2023 will offer a change of pace.

According to Loftis, the beginning of the year is a time to let go of all the casual situationships in your life and the heartbreak you’ve experienced. Instead, you’ll look inward and begin to boost your self-worth in order to form more solid connections.

“By the end of the Summer you will really begin to see how valuing yourself influences who you choose to love, and that you need someone with the emotional intelligence to appropriately care for and nurture you, as well as give someplace safe for your own love to land,” Loftis says.


For Leo, your 2023 love horoscope is looking bright. It’s a whole new you this time around, and not just when it comes to dating and relationships. Your career will also skyrocket and success is yours for the taking as you’ll be particularly lucky throughout the year. By March, that luck can be transferred to the romance department too.

Loftis pinpoints the second quarter of the year as a good time to solidify what you’re looking for so that you’re in a better position to find it. However, beware of some red flags later in the year.

“With Saturn moving into Pisces in early March you begin to approach sex in a much more spiritual and important way. And watch out for Venus going retrograde in your sign from mid-June to early October. This is a time that could suddenly bring someone into your life that you won’t still want around by the end of October,” she says.


If you’ve been seeing someone on and off for a while, it’s make-or-break time. Whether you were both uncertain about what you want or you just haven’t been on the same page, it’s time to figure out what’s going on in 2023, Virgo. No more in-between relationships — you need stablity.

It’s important to note that this person definitely has long-term potential. It’s up to you what you make of it, Loftis says. Just make sure you choose wisely.

She adds: “Sex becomes an even more important connection point, make sure you acknowledge those needs and give them the space and time to develop. Watch the Venus retrograde in your Twelfth House of self-undoing, your own negative thought patterns or self-doubt could cause you problems with money and love.”


In 2023, it’s time for a sexual awakening. You’re ready to explore the depths of your sensuality. What you need is someone who makes you feel safe and supported enough to do so. After all, it’s not just about getting off. You realize sex can and should be spiritual too.

Loftis names July as a pivotal month for your sign. It could be the time to make a partnership official. Or, if you’re single, you may meet someone with potential. However, it’s important to take your time.

“Starting in July the North Node in Aries in your relationship house also emphasizes partnerships, particularly how you need to be yourself within the context of such relationships,” she explains. “Beware of classic shadow Libra tendencies like subjugating your needs for others as the South Node travels through your sign of Libra. Venus retrograde in your Eleventh House could have you re-writing your dreams and re-setting your compass heading; don’t do anything rash.”


It’s time to have fun, Scorpio. Your 2023 love horoscope is all about remaining lighthearted and seeking out pleasure in all its forms. Don’t take things so seriously! There’s plenty of time for that. For now, it’s all about feeling good.

March in particular looks like a great month to begin seeking out the kinds of relationships you want to enjoy this year, Loftis says. She also adds you may find a connection in an unlikely (and potentially dangerous) place.

“It will be a relief to get the South Node out of your sign, which occurs in July. In March Saturn moves into Pisces which is your Fifth House of joy and pleasure which will make scoring those experiences more important and worthy of your time and energy,” she says. “Have some fun, dammit! In May Jupiter moves into Taurus and your Seventh House of relationship bringing in some potential new partners. Venus retrograding in your career sector from June to October could bring up a work relationship, but make sure you don’t derail your life for it, it could be finished by the Fall.”


Sagittarius is another sign seeking pleasure in 2023, and why shouldn’t you? If casual sex feels good, this is the time to have plenty of it. There will be plenty of people desperate to get close to you this year. So, avoiding attachments could be the name of the game for the foreseeable.

This is especially true if you came out of a bad relationship in 2022. The last thing you want is more drama, Loftis says, making more relaxed connections preferable at least for now.

“In March, Mars in Gemini finally gets out of your Seventh House of partnerships which should help you to move on from some relationship drama that started the last few months of 2022,” she says. “Saturn moves into your Fourth House of Pisces in March, is it possible you begin to consider a move? Venus goes Retrograde in your Ninth House of travel; if you meet someone from another country or culture, it might not be built to last.”


We’re not going to lie to you, Capricorn. This year is going to be a bit up and down. You’ll have plenty of highlights in the love department. However, you’ll also have to do some tough work in tying up loose ends and working through some long-ignored issues.

That being said, Loftis promises it will all be worth it. If you can manage to stay the course, you may just be rewarded for it in the latter half of the year.

“Jupiter will move into Taurus and enter your Fifth House of romance in May, so spend time doing what you like and you might find someone you love. Venus retrogrades from June to October in your Eighth House of sex; you might have someone come into your life who blows your mind and helps you open up to that part of yourself,” she adds.


Aquarius, prepare for things to be a bit up in the air this year. If you’re in a relationship at the moment and things haven’t been going that well, it’s game time. Will you commit to making things work or will you walk away entirely? That’s all up to you.

Loftis adds that commitment will be difficult this year because your head and heart are all over the place. It’s not that you don’t want a stable relationship. It’s just that you keep flip-flopping on what exactly you’re after.

“The micro period between late March and June is a huge indicator for your future as Pluto dips its baby toe barely into your sign. The Venus retrograde period in Leo takes place in your Seventh House of relationship; it might be time to recommit to a current relationship or someone might come along who makes you realize it’s not working,” she warns. “That time from June to October is it’s own chapter in your love story, so watch out on commitment because you might change your mind by the end of the year.”


The love horoscope for 2023 is an intense one, Pisces. Chances are, you’ll be called to make some hard decisions over the year. You’ll feel less inclined to react emotionally and instead may feel detached or even cold towards partners. Try not to shut yourself off completely.

Ultimately, you’ll be far more successful when you focus on yourself first. Increasing your sense of self-worth and self-esteem will always improve your relationships with others, Loftis reminds us.

“Saturn moves into your sign in March bringing sticking power to your choices. It can be harsh, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It can
sometimes bring heaviness or coldness too, so make sure communication stays open with any lover or partner; especially because you can be so critical of them with Virgo ruling your Seventh House,” she says. In July the South Node moves into your Eight House and the sign of Libra, emphasizing a need to let go of sexual partners that don’t meet your needs. The North Node across the sky in Aries and your Second House of values means you really need to work on truly valuing yourself in order to draw in the love that you want and deserve.”

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