7 Ways To Finally Get Rid Of The Guy Who Broke Your Heart

You fell head over heels for a guy. You gave him your whole heart, and what did he give you in return? Heartbreak. Crying over him probably isn’t going to do much but you can get over him for good:

Get rid of all his stuff. Everything he left at your place needs to go back to his or burned in a goodbye bad boyfriend bonfire. You don’t need those keepsakes flooding your brain with memories or taking up space in your room. If the guy is out of your life then his crap should be too.

Delete him from your social media. Do you really want his posts coming up in your newsfeed? Do you want to see the happy memories you once shared pop up on your Timehop? What about when he moves on — do you want to see all the pictures he shares with his new girlfriend? No (and even if you’re not quite ready to let go, you need to).

Block his number. It’s not enough to just delete him — that only keeps you from creeping on his profiles. You need a way to prevent him from contacting you too. Once you unfriend and unfollow, take the extra step to block his sorry ass. You’ll be saving yourself from all future contact, including his pathetic booty calls.

Pretend you don’t care. If you have mutual friends, they don’t need to hear about how much you’re missing him, because guess what? Everything they know, he’ll know too. Sometimes pretending you’ve moved on actually helps you do it. You have to fake it ‘til you make it and remind yourself that you’re so much better off without him.

Go out with someone new. You might not find love with the very next guy you date, but at least you’ll be getting back out there. It really is the first step. With every guy you date, you’ll erase your ex a little more day by day. You can’t put all your eggs in the first basket that comes you way, but if you never put yourself back in play, you’ll be riding the bench until the end of your days.

Don’t, under any circumstances, agree to be friends. If you’re still into him then holding on to even just a friendship will keep you from moving forward with your life. You have to do what’s best for yourself here, and right now what’s best is to get him the hell out of your life. It might sound cruel, but you don’t owe him anything after he broke your heart, especially a friendship.

Move the hell on. He doesn’t deserve to have you crying over him. Nothing gets an ex going more than thinking about the fact that you still love him. He treated you like crap and then shattered your heart into a million pieces. Does he really deserve any more of your time? It’s over, and the best way to stick it to that douche is to get over him too.

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