7 Weird Things That Boost Your Confidence, According To Science

Life can be really crappy sometimes, and there are tons of things that can tear down your self-esteem on a daily basis. This only makes it harder to be happy, reach your goals, and even find love, so it’s very important to try and boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself on a regular basis. Does your confidence need some tuning up? Here are seven weird things that could help, according to science.

Spraying on some perfume. You might put on perfume before a date to smell nice and/or get your guy turned on, but it also helps you feel on top of your game! According to an experiment, men and women who wear cologne and perfume feel more confident and attractive than those who go without.

Wearing black clothes. We know that black is usually always in when it comes to fashion because it goes with everything and is super slimming. However, it also helps with how you’re perceived by others. A study found that people in black are seen as intelligent, confident, and more attractive to others.

Working as an exotic dancer. Sex workers don’t get nearly enough credit and are often looked down upon, but a study published in Deviant Behavior found that strippers actually get a major boost from their jobs — at least at first. As for men, they consistently find fulfillment from their work.

Joining a club to meet like-minded people. Squads are pretty popular now and showing off your friends is the thing to do. However, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research found that being a member of a club that’s connected to your interests, social identity, or sense of self improves your self-esteem. So if you’ve been holding back on signing up for something, do it now!

Taking loads of selfies. There are some tiring selfie trends out there, so it’s easy to get judgmental when you see people post a lot of them. But people are taking them for a good reason! From Today’s survey, it was discovered that 65 percent of teenage girls said seeing their selfies on social media boosts their confidence. Bring on those selfie sticks.

Turning 31. Age and confidence are pretty tied together. According to a survey, women reach peak confidence at 31. Although it may might decline in the years after, the same women have reported being comfortable with their earnings and weight in their 40s.

Getting it on with yourself. A study found that masturbation is not only fun, but it helps you feel positively about your sexuality. This effect is heightened when you’re also open to talking about it and viewing it as perfectly normal.

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