8 Signs He’s About To Break Up With You, According To A Guy

I think the feeling of helplessness you’re left with is the worst part of being dumped because there usually isn’t anything you can do about it. The only thing that might have helped was knowing that it wass coming so that you could have mentally prepared yourself, if that’s even possible. With that in mind, here are some common signs that a guy has checked out of the relationship and could be about to break up with you.

He makes lame excuses for why he can’t spend time with you.

You shouldn’t immediately freak out if he says he’s too busy to spend time together. People’s lives are hectic and they can’t always make their relationship the top priority. But there should always be a good reason why you can’t hang out. When he has a terrible excuse or doesn’t bother to make one at all, that’s when you have a problem.

He starts fights over little things.

It’s normal for couples in a relationship to fight, but folks in happy relationships usually know better than to sweat the small stuff. When a guy starts picking fights about little details or getting upset about unimportant things, he might be pushing toward a breakup. Suddenly, it’s his way or the highway. This isn’t the attitude of a guy who wants to be in a relationship.

He stops sharing.

Sharing the details of your day is usually a sign of commitment toward someone. It’s a form of intimacy since you’re not sharing those details with everyone else you know. However, that kind of sharing will stop when a guy is ready to get out of a relationship. From his perspective, there’s no point in sharing if the relationship doesn’t have a future. If you notice that your boyfriend has completely shut you out of the details of his life, that doesn’t bode well.

He doesn’t want to talk about your relationship.

A guy who’s planning to break up with you will avoid any conversation about your relationship as if it were the plague. Again, there’s no point in doing this if he knows the relationship won’t last. Also, if he gets into a conversation about it, he might end up breaking up with you on the spot. That may not be his ideal plan, so he’ll avoid any discussion about your future together.

He shows no appreciation for you.

When you and your partner lack appreciation for one another, your relationship is definitely in trouble. He’s either on auto-pilot or feels he’s ready for life without you. As a test, let him know how much you appreciate him. If he doesn’t reciprocate or his words feel forced, there’s a good chance he’s planning to end things soon.

He gives critiques without compliments.

Spoiler alert, ladies: you aren’t perfect. That’s because nobody is perfect. It’s okay for couples to recognize each other’s faults and shortcomings sometimes, but those criticisms need to be balanced out with compliments. If a guy is critical of you but then points out something he loves about you, then you’re fine. However, if he’s critical of you without offering a compliment, that’s no good.

There’s no nostalgia for the early days.

All couples should enjoy looking back at the early days of their relationship. Obviously, it’s not always sunshine and smiles in long-term relationships, but the beginning is usually the best time, right? If he doesn’t want to reminisce or doesn’t speak fondly of that time, you know the relationship is in trouble.

The intimacy is gone.

If he isn’t interested in having sex with you, that’s obviously a bad sign. It’s not always because he wants to break up, but something is definitely up. That being said, he may still have sex with you even if he has plans to break up with you. I mean, most guys aren’t going to turn down sex, but you can still notice a complete lack of intimacy. There will be no cuddling, hugging, holding hands, or using cute nicknames. If all of that disappears, you’re either in a major rut or he’s keeping his distance because a breakup is inevitable. You need to get to the bottom of things ASAP.

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