8 Ways Netflix Changed The Dating Game

8 Ways Netflix Changed The Dating Game ©iStock/PeopleImages

While Tinder is trying hard to be the dating app of this generation, Netflix is giving it some stiff competition. You may think that the streaming app is just about wasting hours (or days…) binging your favorite TV shows and movies, but Netflix has made some serious changes to the dating game.

  1. A whole new meaning of Netflix and chill. In the early days of Netflix, chilling meant watching a movie with a friend or catching up on a TV show with your long-term boyfriend or even just enabling your insomnia by binging late night all alone, but the times have changed. Today, there’s a new booty call in town and Netflix and chill is the name of the game.
  2. Less movie dates, more couch time. Once upon a time people, actually went out for dinner and a movie. But in present day, it’s just so much easier to queue something up on Netflix, order pizza and avoid the outside world altogether. The good? Save money on gas, theater snacks and gain some serious one-on-one time. The bad? If you don’t go outside, no one outside of your apartment may even know you’re dating…
  3. Watching without your partner is a serious relationship offense. If you and your boyfriend start binging a show together, you’d better not continue watching without him. Maybe you just couldn’t take the stress of working around his hectic schedule, but no matter what, that’s some serious betrayal. Unfortunately, in modern dating, the law states that if he has to wait, then so do you.
  4. You know your relationship is real when you have a shared Netflix account. You use to pay $9.99/month each for your separate accounts, but everything changed when you fell in love. Combining your Netflix accounts is now a serious step in your relationship. You can slide it in right after he gives you a key to his place, but before moving in together.
  5. A breakup is never final until the Netflix password changes. There was a possibility that you would get back together… that is, until he finally changed his Netflix password. First he kicked you out of his love life and now he’s severing your final ties so that your chick flicks don’t show up in his recently watched when he’s hanging with his new Netflix and chill partner.
  6. TV and movies preferences actually dictate coupling. Before you even become an official couple, you have to make sure your preferences match. Binging a TV series is a key component of modern relationships. Preferences are even included in dating profiles and there’s an entire app based on matching you to someone with similar Netflix interests. Let’s face it, TV and movies now dictate true compatibility.
  7. Netflix can actually tell you how serious your relationship is. Netflix and chill? Then you’re obviously just hookup buddies. Start binging a TV series together? Getting pretty serious. He gives you the login to his account? Officially a couple. You have a shared account? You’ve finally found The One. Before Facebook statuses, were relationships even real? And before Netflix, how did you know what relationship level your relationship was even on?
  8. You can no longer sit for an entire movie without getting it on. Long ago, sex didn’t take place until after dinner and a movie. Today, you’re about 20 minutes into Netflix and chill and the sexual tension hits an all time high. Since when is sex related to movies and TV shows? Well, since Netflix apparently.
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