8 Ways To Beautify Before A Big Date

Beauty is only skin deep, but it does have a lot to do with a woman’s confidence. When we don’t look our best, sometimes we don’t feel our best or act like our best self, which is less than desirable on a date. You should never do something because you feel like you have to for a man, but here are 8 must-do beauty treatments to make you feel fabulous for date night.

Shave your legs.

How many times have you heard your friends say pre-date that nothing was going to happen with a guy because they didn’t shave their legs? It’s a good strategy in theory, but in practice, it can be less effective. If you feel chemistry with your date, it can be tough to resist a little make out/groping session, but you’ll be conflicted if you haven’t shaved because your legs will be less than silky smooth. Shave your legs just in case. Then you won’t feel self-conscious if you’re really into your date and praying to the love gods that he won’t touch your gross gams.

Take care of your downstairs region.

Whether you wax, shave or laser, do it before a date. Making sure that you take care of your down-there hair has nothing to do with whether or not you’re planning on giving your date a peek at what you’ve got going on. Knowing that you’re clean and prim and trim (if that’s your thing) is a confidence booster for women. It has the same effect on your ego as wearing sexy lingerie when only you know. Whether or not you make the decision to let your date get lucky, you’ll feel great about yourself, which is a huge turn-on for guys and he’ll be coming back for more until he does.

Touch up your roots.

If you don’t have the time or money to run to your hair salon, try a dry shampoo with colored pigment in it or a root concealer pen. It will help you feel sleek instead of sloppy.

Exfoliate your lips.

We’ve heard ad nauseum how important it is for us to exfoliate our face and our body a few times a week, but for some reason, lips don’t seem to get as much love. While Chapstick and moisturizer are great for maintaining a perfect pout, it’s important to make sure we scrub away the dead skin there, too. You don’t want your makeout sesh to be marred by flaky lips.

Make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure.

While it’s unofficial, men are known to look for women who have clear skin, take care of their hair and keep their nail game on point. Make sure to remove any of your nail polish that’s chipped and file any jagged edges down. If you can paint your nails yourself, go for it! If not, try to run to the salon for an express mani. Most women use their hands while they talk, so your nails are sure to catch your date’s eye at some point in the evening and unkempt nails might make you feel self-conscious.

Treat yourself to a blow out.

It’s no secret that blow drying and coiffing your hair can be the bane of one’s existence. Sometimes no matter how much time we allot or how many new products we try, our mane will not cooperate. If you have a big date, splurge on your hairstyle and go to a blow dry bar. With so many popping up, prices are fairly reasonable, they take about half the time to dry and style hair than you do and you won’t have any hairstyle stress. Opt for a glass of champagne while they tousle your tresses to insure a relaxed date night mood – but only one glass.

Get a facial.

Your face is your calling card. No one’s is perfect, but it’s nice to look as flawless as possible while trying to attract a mate. The most important thing to do is steam the toxins out of your face. If you can’t get to your esthetician, run to the gym and use the steam room and then exfoliate and put on a mask of your choosing. You’ll feel confident and be able to put your best face forward.

Maintain your zen with a massage.

Does anybody really like dating? No. The prospect of having to get to know someone new is daunting and having to be mindful of every word that comes out of your mouth and every reaction you give is enough to give any hippie a whirlwind of anxiety. Ease your pre-date jitters while getting a massage. Whether you get a quick chair massage or a full body massage, you’ll feel much more serene as you listen to each other’s life stories.

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