9 Qualities You Should Be Looking For In A Guy If You Want A Real Relationship

With today’s dating pool full of self-absorbed jerks, it’s hard to believe that “The One” actually exists. It’s hard enough finding someone who’s halfway decent, but when it comes to your soulmate, you want far more than just okay. Skip the jerks and find the guy who’s right for you by looking for these things in a relationship.

  1. He’s honest and upfront even when lying would be easier. A real relationship has to be built on trust. If you can’t trust him to be there for you now, you’ll never be able to. Look for a guy who is upfront about how he feels and is willing to admit when he’s done something wrong. The right guy for you is the one who’ll be open about anything. He won’t shy away from questions about past relationships, his friends, or anything else that’s important in both of your lives. Just remember, honesty is a two-way street so be as honest as you’d want him to be!
  2. He Treats You Like An Equal. In today’s day and age, you’d hope that every man would view women as their equals but it’s not always a given. You want to make sure you’re not committing yourself to a jerk who thinks that men are superior. If he’s still living in the 1950s and expects you to do everything he says or conform to his narrow ideas of how women should look and act, he’s not someone you want in your life, let alone be in a relationship with! A relationship must be equal and he should respect that and you.
  3. He’s Emotionally Available, No Matter What. He’s a guy, not a brick wall! A guy who’s in it for the long haul won’t be afraid of your emotions or his own. If he’s afraid that being there for you will hurt his fragile masculinity, he’s not right for you anyway. A true man will be there for you through your emotional thick and thins.
  4. He’s Completely Committed To You. This may sound obvious, but if he’s treating your dates like a second option after something else fell through, your relationship isn’t going anywhere. “The One” will be a guy who readily plans fun, interesting dates just because he wants to see you. If he’s looking for excuses to skip dates, avoid texting you or to be with other girls, he’s clearly not committed to you. The right guy will be committed to you 100 percent and will always be there for you.
  5. He Takes Responsibility In His Life And Your Relationship. Ladies, let’s be honest. When a guy is willing to take responsibility for his actions without pushing the blame on anything other than himself, he’s 10 times more attractive. Not only does this let you know that he can be serious in a relationship, it screams that he’s at the point in his life where he can actually have a mature, adult relationship with no high school drama.
  6. He’s Dependable Even When It’s Inconvenient. A relationship isn’t about just being there for your partner when it’s easy for you. He should be there for you through everything, even when it’s not always convenient for him. From the little things like changing a light bulb to being there for support through a hard part of your life, “The One” is someone who doesn’t mind sacrificing some of their time to help you and is always looking for ways to be there for you.
  7. He’s Future-Orientated. This should go without saying but if he won’t answer questions about where he sees your relationship in five years, you should really reconsider your long-term plans with him. If he’s truly the one, he shouldn’t feel awkward talking about his goals for your relationship and should feel excited about still being with you years from now where you’re both old and gray. But his plans for the future should also include more than just your relationship. His career should be just as important to him as your relationship and if he spends more time in his underwear watching Game of Thrones than actually working, steer clear before it’s too late.
  8. He Loves You For Who You Are. You should never have to change who you are for a guy. If he’s starting to make comments about the way you look, how you dress or is trying to change any aspect of who you are, he’s not the guy who can make you the best woman you can be. The right guy will help you learn to love yourself even more instead of trying to tear you down. This includes the good and the bad! He should love your flaws because they’re part of who you are and you’re amazing!
  9. He’s Chivalrous To A Fault. While you are an independent modern woman, sometimes it’s nice to have a guy do little things for you. Whether it’s simply holding open a door for you or accompanying you to that word social you’ve been dreading just so you’re not alone, little chivalrous acts are wonderful and can be a sign that he’ll always be there for you.
Molly is jack-of-all trades writer who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She loves writing about everything from politics to relationships. When not writing, she can be found anywhere with a dog or reading a good book.