9 Reasons Instagram Is A Life Ruiner

While it’s an awesome way to pass free time and great for seeing what your friends have been up to, sometimes Instagram does you more harm than good. If you’ve been feeling a little bit disappointed with your life after scrolling down your feed, here are some reasons that might be happening:

  1. Instagram models. Is there anything more annoying than having an “ugly” day and logging into Instagram to stare at all the flawless Insta-models? They have amazing hair, perfect bodies, and they get paid a ton of money to do what seems like very little work other than looking cute and endorsing products. #Overit.
  2. Rich kids. Ugh, we get it. You have an obscene amount of money, an amazing wardrobe, and go on constant fabulous vacations. While the rest of us are cursing out our crappy jobs and student debt, they are popping champagne worth more than your car on the beach in Bora Bora.
  3. Beautiful houses. As if it’s not enough that we’re subjected to perfect looking people and jet setting rich kids, now we have to see perfect houses too. When the only thing you have left to feel good about is your humble abode, seeing someone else’s perfectly decorated, and perfectly clean home is enough to make you want to throw in the towel.
  4. The illusion of perfect lives. We all know that no one posts pictures of the bad times on Instagram, but it can be hard to remember when things aren’t going well for you. It can be draining looking at other people’s exciting posts, or happy relationships when you’re just having an all around rough few weeks. It’s an easy way to start comparing your life to someone else’s, and that never ends well.
  5. Seeing your boyfriend liking other girls’ pictures. While this isn’t a big deal if it happens once in a while, seeing your guy like other girls’ pictures too often, well, that starts to become a sore spot. It has the potential to cause arguments even if it’s innocent on his part, and if it isn’t, you come to the unfortunate realization that you’re dating a total player.
  6. Trying to take the perfect selfie. We’ve all had 80 pictures on our camera roll that look almost identical while we try and take, and choose, the perfect Instagram selfie. The angle has to be right, the makeup on point, and the lighting needs to be on Victoria’s Secret level.
  7. Filters. After the perfect selfie comes the perfect filter, yet picking one can be so time consuming, especially if you’re indecisive. Flipping back and forth between your usual favorites becomes like a ritual and trying out a new one is as thrilling as it is scary.
  8. Theres a false sense of popularity. How many people have 5,000 friends in real life, let alone a million? Feeling like you don’t have enough friends based on someone else’s followers is a strange reality, but seeing people getting thousands of likes from so many followers can make the best of us envious.
  9. Missing the moment to take pictures. Taking pictures to capture a memory is great, but when you’re missing out on the actual moment to get the perfect shot, it’s probably not worth it in the end. If taking a few less pictures for Instagram means being more present in your own life, it’s probably a good trade off.