9 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

You know that moment when you meet someone and just instantly click? You don’t know how it happens, but all of sudden, you become best friends. We choose people in this life; some stick around and some don’t. But when you find your best friend – the one who will ride with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly – that’s when you know that you’ve hit the jackpot. Here’s how you know that your best friend is actually your soulmate:

You communicate without actually speaking sometimes.

You’re so close that you can communicate just by looking at each other and the weird part is they completely understand what you’re trying to say without you saying it.

You unknowingly wear coordinated, matching outfits when you’re together.

You show up to her house and you’re both wearing a striped shirt and jeans. How did that happen? No idea, but it happens quite often and you’re basically twinning everywhere you go.

Even when you’re not together, you can sense if something is wrong with the other.

Those days when you’re feeling sad and lonely, your best friend’s telekinetic powers kick in. She’s there for you before you even get the chance to reach out.

You finish each other’s sentences.

One of you is telling a story and the other one jumps in and flawlessly finishes what you were about to say. You’re both on the same wavelength and can predict what the other one is going to say before they even say it.

You have a never-ending list of inside jokes that don’t make sense to anyone else.

No one else understands your sense of humor and everyone feels left out when you’re the only two people who are hysterically laughing.

You can go weeks, months, or even years without seeing her and you’re able to pick up right where you left off.

Time is irrelevant when it comes to catching up. You never miss a beat and you can and the nature of your friendship has always been constant, no matter how much time has passed.

You’re literally incapable of staying mad at her for an extended amount of time. 

Sure, you may get into a fight from time to time, but you can’t stand the idea of not talking to each other. You apologize without hesitation because you know how huge of a loss it would be for your friendship to end.

She’s the first person you call when you have big news (or any news at all). 

Whether it’s something as monumental as getting engaged or something as small as “I had oatmeal for breakfast!”, you tell her first and can’t imagine it being any other way.

She’ll tell you the truth even if it hurts your feelings. 

A good friend will tell you a white lie to make you feel better, but a great friend will tell you the ugly truth because she knows it’s the right thing to do. She won’t beat around the bush and tell you that she likes the guy you’re dating if she actually can’t stand him. She know you deserve the best and she’s always looking out for you.

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