Twin Flame Meaning: What It Is & Signs You’ve Found Yours

If your relationship is deeper and more passionate than anything you’ve ever known, you may have just found your twin flame. So, what exactly is the meaning of the term “twin flame” in comparison to a soulmate, and how do you know if you’re lucky enough to have come across yours?

What is the meaning of a “twin flame”?

Twin flames, also known as mirror souls, are believed to be two people who share the same soul. There’s no scientific evidence of this phenomenon, but there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence; most prominently, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly consider themselves twin flames. Twin flame relationships are usually romantic, but it’s not impossible for them to manifest as friendships as well. It’s not the same as a soulmate. Soulmates also have a deep love for each other and seem like a perfect match. People believe you can have multiple soulmates, but only one twin flame.

Signs you’ve found yours

  1. They understand you in a way no one else does. Since twin flames are believed to share one soul, it makes sense that they have a deep understanding of one another. You’re so close with your twin flame because it really feels like it’s you and them against the world. You can even finish each other’s sentences and know what the other person is thinking. Your twin flame should see you exactly as you are.
  2. You have similar life experiences. It’s pretty normal to bond with and grow close to those who share similar life experiences, but twin flames take this to a whole other level. With a twin flame, you have an odd amount of things in common. It’s almost like you’ve lived the same life.
  3. They feel familiar even if you just met them. Twin flames instantly feel a sense of recognition for each other or déjà vu. Those who believe in reincarnation are adamant they met their twin flame in all their previous lives.
  4. You’re learning and growing more than ever. Twin flames typically come into your life during a period of spiritual growth, so this relationship will push you to grow as a person and shed things that no longer serve you. Growth is normally a gradual life-long journey, but with twin flames, the pace picks up rapidly. You’re shedding your old self pretty quickly and are eager to meet a better version of yourself.
  5. It’s more intense than any other relationship. You don’t quite love anyone like you love your twin flame. Despite the sense of comfort and familiarity, twin flame relationships are rarely lacking in heat. They’re more intense than the average relationship since you’re bonded to each other in a way unlike anyone else.
  6. You loved each other, but it didn’t last. A hard fact of life is love isn’t enough to make a relationship last. Twin flames love each other very deeply, but they generally don’t stay together forever since these relationships are pretty turbulent. Some people are meant to come into your life to teach you valuable lessons, but they don’t always stay; twin flames often serve this purpose. Twin flame believers take comfort knowing they’ll see their twin flame again in another life. Since these relationships are so intense, it’s probably for the best they don’t always stay together forever.
  7. Massive life changes. Many people’s lives change drastically when they meet their twin flames or right before meeting. Although it may be a coincidence, it definitely seems like more is at play if you just so happened to get that promotion you’ve always wanted or an opportunity to move right when you met your twin flame. Unfortunately, some of these life changes can be challenging too, but at least your twin flame is your rock.
  8. You keep coming back to each other. Twin flames rarely last, but it’s not easy to let go. It’s not unheard of for twin flames to be on-and-off-again because they can’t stand to be apart and aren’t ready to move on. Even if they eventually stay apart for good, they still think about each other. With that said, your twin flame isn’t always “the one.” You will love again; you just love differently.
  9. It feels like destiny. Twin flame relationships feel divine and pre-determined. They feel larger than life as if they were always meant to meet when they did.
  10. You can be your authentic self. Since your twin flame understands you in a way no one else does, you can be your authentic self. They see you for who they really are and love you anyway.
  11. You feel on edge. Twin flame relationships are full of extreme ups and downs. Being in love feels euphoric, but you can also find yourself feeling unsettled. Since your twin flame is a reflection of your own soul, a lot of your insecurities start to surface during these relationships.
  12. You’re never the same again. Twin flames completely change each other’s lives. Even if you break up, you never go back to the way things were before because you and your life changed so drastically.
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