Men say they want a woman who has opinions and will stand up for herself if she needs to. They say they want a woman who’s ambitious, and can take care of herself. But then when they find a woman with all those qualities, they don’t know how to deal with it. Maybe it takes a certain kind of man to truly be happy with a strong woman, while the rest of them end up doing things (accidentally or not) that just drive them away.

Needing too much reassurance.

No confident woman wants to be spending time constantly making sure her guy knows how great she thinks he is. It’s exhausting to have to deal with someone else’s low self esteem, so chances are she won’t be interested in a guy like this for long.

Can’t control his jealousy issues.

A strong woman is friends with whoever she wants to be friends with, including guys, and the occasional ex. If a guy can’t handle that, she will gladly go back to being single.

Trying way too hard.

There’s a difference between being persistent in your pursuit of her, and being a nuisance. If she’s interested, she’ll let you know, so cool it.

Trying to control her.

If he’s trying to tell her what to do in the beginning, it will only get worse. Strong, independent women can spot this type of guy a mile away, and they steer clear.

Emotional manipulation.

Just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of her emotions. She’s just fully in control of them, and she knows when someone is trying to use them against her. There’s no way she’ll let this happen, because she’s probably been there in the past, so she knows all the warning signs.

Playing too many games.

A strong woman doesn’t have time to play games. She’s straight forward and clear about what she want. She isn’t going to humor a guy who thinks he can trick her into anything, because he can’t. Why pretend?

Rushing her into a relationship.

Ultimatums will never work on a strong woman. The only way she’s getting into a relationship is if she wants to be in a relationship. She doesn’t take kindly to being rushed, because it would never work out in the end anyway. She knows herself too well.

Being possessive way too soon.

If he starts getting all territorial around other guys and they haven’t even talked about being exclusive yet, it’s pretty much guaranteed she’s going to want to take a couple huge steps back.

Being too needy.

A strong woman has her own life, her own goals, and needs time to devote to those things. If she likes a guy, she’ll make time for him, but she’s never going to put up with him holding her back. If he doesn’t have a life of his own to keep him occupied, she’ll never stay interested.

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