Things Men Want In Bed But Won’t Ask You For

Women often think it is easier for men to ask for what they want in bed; however, that’s not always true. Men can have a hard time expressing their needs as much as women. They may not feel confident in the relationship yet or they may have been turned down too many times when asking for things they want. The best way to find out what turns him on is to ask him, but that’s scary too. Here are some things men want in bed but likely won’t ask you for. Why not blow his mind and offer them up all on your own?

  1. He wants to watch you pleasure yourself. Why do you think men on dating apps ask for videos or pictures? Because it’s what they want. It’s easier to ask on a dating app because getting turned down by a random woman he doesn’t really know isn’t as insulting. If the love of his life turns him down, though, it can be a big dent to the ego. Just assume that he wants to watch you pleasuring yourself because he likely does.
  2. He wants to watch you giving oral. Of all the things men want in bed, this is one of the biggest. There’s no doubt that men love oral sex but what they aren’t telling you is that they want to watch you going down on them. They don’t just want to see your head bobbing up and down. Men love it when you look up at them while you’re giving them the ultimate pleasure. He wants to see your mouth wrapped around him and your tongue doing those little flickers he likes. Let him watch. He’ll think you’re a goddess.
  3. He wants to have sex outside of the bedroom. There’s nothing that will bore a man faster than the same kind of sex all the time. So, mix things up by taking the action out of the bedroom. Find another room in the house, go to a hotel, or even find a nice secluded spot out in nature on a sunny day. Maybe it’s better to frame this not as things men want in bed, but things men want in literally any other location.
  4. He wants you to enact a fantasy. Whether it’s by getting dressed up in a costume or talking about the fantasy, he wants to have fun with it. There are lots of ways you can enact a fantasy and blow his mind. Get dressed up as a call girl. Put on a maid’s outfit. Have a conversation as if you’re someone else. Let him pick you up at a bar. Play out a fantasy and he’ll want you even more.
  5. He wants you to do something out of the ordinary. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re having regular sex with the same person. You know what they like and you do the same things over and over in order to get them to their happy place as fast as possible. But that can get boring. Try mixing it up. Suggest a different position. Start with a different kind of foreplay. Speed up the action or slow it down. Just try something different once in a while.
  6. He wants you to do something just for him. Have you ever wanted to just get right to the orgasm and not have to worry about your partner? He wants that once in a while, too. Consider skipping the foreplay. Go down on him with no expectation for anything in return. Wear that lacy thong under a skirt even though it’s uncomfortable. Give him a hand job in the parking lot.
  7. He wants to play with your toys. Men like toys too. He might want you to use it on him or he might want to use your new toy on you. It’s a new and fun experience for him. Sometimes, he just wants to watch you get off so introduce him to your silicon buddy. Show him how you like to use a sex toy and then hand over the reins and let him have some fun. You’ll have fun too!
  8. He wants to see everything. Your guy loves watching your body. He likes watching you reach orgasm and he likes watching everything that builds up to that. Stop being afraid of his eyes on your body and let him watch because it just turns him on. Turn the lights on, masturbate while he watches, get on top, or let him get up close and personal. The more he sees, the more he’ll want you.
  9. He wants to hear you. If you’re quiet and never say a peep when you’re having sex, how is he supposed to know what is working for you and what isn’t. Moan, groan, and sigh. Say, “I love that!” when he does something you like. Beg for more of what you’re enjoying. Scream out his name. Get verbal and let him hear how much you are enjoying sex with him.
Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.