9 Things Women Really Wish Guys Would Notice About Them

9 Things Women Really Wish Guys Would Notice About Them ©iStock/BraunS

Generally when guys notice us, they’re fixated on the superficial details — like the size of our boobs or our asses. It might be flattering to know that men appreciate our assets, but we’d actually prefer if they paid attention to the details that are below the surface. In fact, if a guy notices any of the following things about us, he’s much more likely to get our attention:

  1. The way we laugh when something is really funny. There’s something to be said about the way a woman laughs when something is hilarious. If they see us totally full of joy and all they can get from it is how our cleavage bounces when we’re laughing, he’s missing out on the true beauty in the moment.
  2. How we treat others. The way we treat others speaks volumes about us, even more than any perfect body ever could. Guys should pay attention to the way we treat people around us, including them, because those traits are going to carry forward long after our physical traits fade.
  3. Our unique personalities. Every woman has a dynamic and unique personality that’s waiting to be discovered. We might be aesthetically pleasing, but there’s more to us than meets the eye. We wish guys would take the time to comment on how awesome our individuality is instead of the run of the mill compliments we’re used to hearing.
  4. Our drive and ambition. No matter how hot we are, how we carry ourselves in life makes a difference. If we’re killing it career-wise or we’re being fearless in pursuit of our dreams, that’s something worth admiring. Women with drive are highly overlooked and having a partner who wants to be successful in every aspect is a woman worth paying attention to.
  5. Our dedication to our health. It doesn’t matter what we look like, really — how we take care of ourselves matters. Men constantly critique women’s body types without paying attention to the full picture. We wish that men would notice the way we look after our physical, mental, and emotional health and take pride in our appearance, even if we don’t have a supermodel physique.
  6. How we manage responsibility. It’s sweet that they think our asses look great in a skirt, but how about the way we slay at financing ourselves and handling life responsibility? Do they want someone who looks great on their arm, or someone who has her act together in every aspect of life? It would be nice if guys would also compliment us on our life skills instead of always just on how we look.
  7. Our intelligence. Smart women are sexy as hell and we like hearing that men think so, too. Instead of constantly complimenting what they see on the outside, we wish they’d take some time to appreciate what we’ve got going on inside too. Looks fade, but knowledge is forever.
  8. How we problem solve. A woman who expertly navigates conflict and life hurdles speaks volumes about her character. If we’ve done the impossible and gotten stuff handled, that’s worth a little recognition. Women like to know that men are paying attention to how we handle the tough stuff.
  9. Our happiness. There’s nothing more radiant than a woman who’s happy, no matter how physically beautiful we are. We might be great at presenting ourselves on the outside, but we have infinite aspects to our beauty on the inside too. We wish men would notice these things because we have more to offer than satisfying your view. We’ve got a lot going on and we’d love if they’d mention those things, because they’re definitely worth paying attention to.