A Guy Shares 12 Things It Means When He Won’t Stop Staring At You

Most women have been in a position in which some guy won’t stop staring at you. Some of you might have found it flattering while others may have been a little creeped out. Both are perfectly reasonable reactions, but I assume that most of you were at least a little confused about why he couldn’t seem to turn his gaze away. In our defense, most of us guys just struggle to express our emotions. While I can’t fix that, I can help explain what it means when a guy does this to you.

  1. He’s daydreaming. Admittedly, this isn’t the most likely scenario, but some guys tend to drift off into their own worlds and daydream. He may not even realize that he’s staring at a complete stranger from across the room. It’s unlikely but it happens.
  2. He’s captivated by your beauty. I get that this probably comes off as super creepy, but when a guy is struck by a woman’s beauty, he might have a problem looking away. It’s like he’s magnetically drawn to you. He just gets stuck in a trance and can’t look away, nor can he move his face or say a word. That’s right, he’s smitten with you.
  3. He wants to get your attention. This is probably one of the most obvious reasons why a guy won’t stop staring at you. Let’s just call this the indirect approach. Some guys think that if they stare at you long enough, you’ll notice and your eyes will meet from across the room. It’s almost as if he wants you to feel his eyes on you. It’s not the most creative approach, but if it gets your attention, he’ll probably consider it a successful tactic.
  4. He’s afraid to approach you. Keep in mind that some guys are inherently shy by nature. For those shy gentlemen, staring at you from across the room is the only thing they can gather up the nerve to do. Perhaps he’s nervous or just assumes that you’re out of his league. Whatever the reason, he’s afraid to actually talk to you so he watches you from afar, dreaming that perhaps you’ll come over to talk to him.
  5. He’s intimidated. Even if he isn’t inherently shy, he could still be too intimidated to approach you. It’s possible that he’s just working up the courage, which can take some time. In the meantime, he’ll keep staring at you because he doesn’t realize that it might make you uncomfortable.
  6. He’s infatuated with you. As we all know, infatuation is all about the way a person looks. It’s possible that your beauty strikes a guy but doesn’t want to ruin the perfect image he has of you in his mind. I know it sounds weird, but it’s been known to happen. A guy will be so taken with how you look and just wants to look at you rather than risk talking to you and finding out for sure that nothing will ever happen between you.
  7. He’s thinking of what to say to you. Some guys will need to craft the perfect pickup line before approaching a woman. Obviously, some guys are overly confident in their skills and will say anything to you without considering it first, but the more meticulous guys will want to make sure they say the right thing. In the meantime, all he can do is stare at you and think.
  8. He wants to make you uncomfortable. Ladies, please don’t hold this against all of us, but there is a small percentage of guys who like making women uncomfortable. They will stare at you with the sole purpose of playing head games and creeping you out. I can’t explain why or what to do about it, I’m just sorry that it happens. When a guy won’t stop staring at you, this is a possible explanation, sadly.
  9. He can’t put his finger on what he likes about you. Yes, a majority of the time that a guy is staring at you, it usually means he likes something about you but he doesn’t always recognize right away what he likes. It could be your hair, your eyes, your body, or something indescribable about the way you carry yourself. Deep down, he probably wants to talk to you. But even more than that, he wants to figure out why he seems to be drawn to you so strongly.
  10. Something random is happening. There’s not always a rhyme or reason why a guy stares at you. Perhaps he’s admiring your haircut. Perhaps he’s reading the words on your shirt. There are any number of things that could grab his attention and lead to him staring at you outside of being inherently attracted to the way you look.
  11. He’s trying to picture you naked. Sorry, ladies, we’re not always classy and respectful. Some guys will see a woman they find attractive and immediately start trying to imagine what she looks like naked. I wouldn’t assume that every guy who stares at you is doing this, but if you know anything about men, it’s obviously not out of the realm of possibility.
  12. He’s trying to flirt. Unfortunately, staring at you can be considered a form of flirting for some guys. I mean, a lot of communication is non-verbal, so it makes sense from that standpoint. If a guy is out of ideas or doesn’t know what to say, staring at you from across the room might be his only way of trying to flirt while hoping that you end up making the first move and talk to him.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.