After A Breakup, A Rebound Relationship Might Be Just What You Need

You just got out of a crappy relationship and the last thing you want is to get into another one. While you’ve probably had a few nights of crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching The Notebook, you’re also over feeling sorry for yourself and frankly, feeling a little horny. That’s where the rebound relationship comes in.

  1. It puts a stop to your pity party. I’m not trying to tell you that you can’t be sad about your failed attempt at true love — I’m just saying that after a few weeks, maybe it’s time to ease up on your Netflix and sobbing.  The best way to crash your own your pity party is getting into a fun and flirty relationship that gives you all that loopy love stuff you’re watching on screen for real.
  2. It reminds you that you’re still hot. Your precious little heart and basic hygiene aren’t the only things that suffer during a breakup — your confidence can also take quite a blow, especially when you were the one that got dumped. If you put in some time with someone who wants to be with you, it can remind you that you’re still an awesome person that people want to be around.
  3. It helps you forget about your ex, even temporarily. After a relationship hits the skids, it can be tempting to stalk your ex via his social media accounts. The best way to stop this pathetic spiral is by putting your focus on someone newer and hopefully hotter than your ex. There’s no time to cry over past loves when you’re busy getting wooed by a new guy
  4. It’s actually good for you. Research shows that not only does new love keep you from becoming that cynical single person no one wants to hang out with, but it can also help ease/eliminate your anxiety of getting back into the dating scene and falling in love again. Don’t just dip your toe in the dating pool, go ahead and cannonball yourself into it. Science says it’s good for you!
  5. Relationships don’t have to be built to last. If you and your rebound have the same expectations on how low key or short term your relationship is going to be, it emotionally frees you both up to just have fun with each other. Enjoying the excitement of a new relationship with no immediate expectations can help you appreciate the simple pleasures of a short-term relationship.
  6. It can help you find love again. Studies confirm that the less time there is between your last relationship and your new relationship, the better it is for your well-being, your self-esteem, and your overall outlook on love. One of the benefits of a breakup is that you have a better understanding of what you want in a partner, and if you carry those lessons into your rebound relationship, it can be just as stable as a serious one and could possibly lead to being in love again.
  7. It gives you a new perspective on relationships.After coming out of a long-term relationship with someone, you begin to think that all relationships are the same. But a rebound relationship with someone new can sometimes open your eyes to things that were missing from your previous relationship and in turn, help you learn more about yourself, your needs and what you value when you’re in a commitment that you may not have learned otherwise.
Elaine is a freelance writer who has written for Playboy and used to blog nonstop before she got a Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram and lost all focus. She loves mangoritas, talking in the third person and when you share her articles with your friends. Follow her on Twitter @Ladyhaha, or go to and read more of her ridiculousness.