Aldi’s New Whiskey-Flavored Coffees Will Put Some Extra Pep In Your Morning Step

If you’ve never added a little tipple of whiskey to your morning coffee, I’d highly recommend it (so long as you’re not driving, operating heavy machinery, or headed to work, of course). It’s a nice occasional weekend treat and it gives the brew a certain je ne sais quoi. If you want the taste but can’t have the booze for whatever reason, you need to head to Aldi for their new whiskey-flavored coffee blends.

  1. Aldi’s whiskey-flavored coffee comes in convenient K-Cup pods. That means if you have a Keurig machine, this product is for you. The box says it’s compatible with 2.0 brewers, meaning the cups will work in way more machines and more people can enjoy them.
  2. There are two varieties available. If whiskey-flavored coffee sounds like it’s up your street, Aldi has two varieties. There’s Light Roast Vanilla Bourbon flavored pods and Light Roast Whiskey ones. Both seem like they’d be equally as delicious, so you’d better grab a box of each if you find them.
  3. They’re made of 100% Arabica coffee. None of that Robusta stuff (which is just too bitter/unenjoyable for me), and that’s always a good thing. If you care about your bean blends, you’ll want to take note of that!
  4. Each box retails for less than $6. According to Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit, who kindly shared the find on her account, Aldi’s whiskey-flavored coffee pods sell for $5.79 for a box of 18 pods. That’s only about 32 cents per pod, which is a pretty solid bargain, I’d say!
  5. It’s only available for a limited time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is an Aldi Find which means it’s limited edition and only around for as long as supplies last. That means you’ll need to move quickly if you want a chance of trying it and that if you end up liking it, you’ll want to stock up for when it’s gone.
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