Alien-Obsessed Couple Builds UFO-Shaped Coop For Their Pet Chickens

An Idaho couple that describes themselves as “UFO nerds” decided to make a UFO-shaped coop for their pet chickens, much to the internet’s delight. The coop is made from television satellites and even has its own climate-controlled insulation, proving that Brett Wilson and Ellen DeAngelis are the coolest pet parents ever.

  1. Wilson and DeAngelis made this their summer project. The couple went to Craiglist to source the satellites they used for the coop and shared the results on BackyardChickens, an online forum for people who have their own fowl. Not only do the dishes have 1-inch styrofoam pieces as insulation to keep the chickens warm in winter, but the satellites are coated in aluminum paint, sat on top of a trampoline base, and fitted with LED lights to complete the UFO look.
  2. The chickens really seem to love it, and so does the internet! In a video the couple shared online, the chickens can be seen walking up a ramp and into the mothership and it’s pretty hilarious. No wonder the project has gone viral – it’s so great! “The video going viral has been a huge surprise to us,” Wilson told VICE’s MUNCHIES. “We had no idea it would spread that fast. It’s pretty fantastic to see all of the positive feedback we are getting from around the world.”
  3. They hope to spruce the UFO up even more. Wilson and DeAngelis hope they’ll be able to add automatic doors to the UFO to the coop as well as fitting it with interior lights to hopefully encourage egg laying during the colder winter months.
  4. As far as chicken coops go, this one is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what they do with it moving forward!


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