I Almost Left The Love Of My Life Because Of My Ego

When you’re in a relationship with someone for a few years, things can start to get stale if you’re not careful. This was happening with my guy and I didn’t even realize it. At some point, I let my ego grow so big that I almost left the love of my life. I was in a relationship with my potential forever person but I thought I was so much better than him and I almost lost him because of it. Here’s how I let my ego get in the way and what you should avoid doing at all costs if you want your relationship to last:

  1. I thought I was too good for him. Somehow my ego got the best of me and I started thinking that I was way too good to be spending my time with him. He was a great, kind, loving guy and honestly the kind of guy any girl would kill to be with, but my ego told my I was the best thing since sliced bread so I started to believe that I could do better. I told myself that I was so much better than him when in reality I really didn’t deserve his love.
  2. I gave my attention to other guys who wanted me. Yeah, I was in a serious relationship, but when other guys started hitting on me, I felt flattered. I liked it and even though I knew it was wrong, I let them keep doing it because it made my ego feel better. I thought I was hot stuff because so many guys wanted my attention. I didn’t stop to think how it would affect my relationship. I almost dumped the love of my life for some fling or one-night stand. Luckily, I realized what I was doing and changed my actions before things got to the breaking point.
  3. I took him for granted. Why is it that when we get something really great we take it for granted? I was so lucky to be dating one of the sweetest, greatest guys around and all of my friends even told me so. But instead of feeling grateful, I made it seem like no big deal. I didn’t appreciate all of the things he did for me on a daily basis and how much he cared about me. I let my ego take over and I completely ignored all of the wonderful things this guy was doing in my life.
  4. I stopped putting effort into our relationship. I let myself think that our relationship wasn’t worth anything and that’s exactly how I started to treat it. I didn’t put any effort to fixing our problems or to changing my behavior. I simply let things slowly slide downhill. I stopped doing little things like saying “I love you” or giving him a kiss goodbye. I didn’t even try to rekindle the passion that we had in the beginning of our relationship. Honestly, I didn’t care if everything we had gone up in flames because I was so involved in my ego and thinking I was the best.
  5. I told myself he wasn’t worth my time. My ego made me believe that this guy wasn’t worth my time because he wasn’t some big shot, super successful businessman that I thought I deserved. I told myself that because of his background or his job title he was below me, which is completely messed up. That’s a terrible thing to think about anyone, especially the person that you are in a relationship with and it makes me sick to even admit that I thought that. Thankfully, I realized how wrong I was and I managed to save my relationship and ditch my nasty ego.
  6. Other people told me I was better than him. Some people even validated the nasty thoughts that my ego was telling me. When I look back now, I know that most of those people weren’t really my friends and they didn’t have my best interests in mind when they were telling me that, but that didn’t stop me from believing them at the time. Because what they were saying made my ego even bigger, I believed them and I let it blind me to how great a guy I really had.
  7. My ego turned me into someone I didn’t even like. Because I had such high opinions of myself and thought I was so awesome, I became someone who did things that I would have normally never done. I started talking about myself too much, I wanted attention from guys, and I wasn’t acting like someone that is loving, caring, and humble. When I finally took a step back and looked at what I had been doing, I realized I was turning into someone who was capable of cheating on their boyfriend, and that was definitely not someone I ever wanted to be. And it finally shook me enough to realize how much damage I was doing to my relationship and the man I really loved.
  8. I didn’t see how our relationship was falling apart. As I let my ego grow and kept thinking about how awesome I was and how much more I deserved, I didn’t realize that my relationship was falling to pieces all around me. I didn’t see that the intimacy started to fizzle out, our that our conversations because forced and depressing, and I definitely didn’t see how much it was affecting him and hurting him. Actually, when I think about it, maybe I did see all of those things but my ego told me to ignore them, which was even worse.
  9. I thought I could break hearts and not get caught. I made myself believe that I was so awesome and so invincible that it wouldn’t matter if I broke his heart. I went around acting like I was the best thing in town and not caring how it hurt my partner. I seriously thought I was invincible, that nothing could stop me from doing what I wanted. I was so wrong. Not only did my actions hurt him, they also hurt me.
  10. My perspective clouded my judgment. From where I stood, the relationship was looking pretty sad and I thought I deserved better. So I let that perspective convince me that I could do things that I wouldn’t normally do. I flirted with other guys and I was careless about being honest with my partner. I thought I was in a crappy relationship when really I was the one that was being crappy. If I only changed my perspective I would have seen how much I was ruining the best relationship of my life. Good thing I finally got a grip on reality and realized what I was doing before I let the whole thing blow up in smoke. I’m so grateful that I did because I am still with that guy and he is seriously the love of my life and I never want my ego to get in the way of our relationship again.
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