Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint Then Makes Her Add Him On Facebook And Asks Her Out

Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint Then Makes Her Add Him On Facebook And Asks Her Out WRTV

Amber Beraun was checking the mailbox outside her house in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 8 when she says she was approached by a man, later identified as Damien Boyce, and robbed at gunpoint. That’s certainly a terrifying experience, but this situation got a bit more complicated when Boyce stole her money but then forced her to add him on Facebook so he could ask her on a date.

Speaking to WRTV, Beraun said that Boyce later told her she’s “too pretty to rob” and offered to pay her back what he stole from her before asking her to “come chill” with him.

“He took [the gun] out of his pocket to show me what was going on — [he said] let me into your house. I did not do that,” she recalled. She did, however, hand over $100 cash to Boyce, who then made the strange social media demand.

Amber Beraun said she agreed to add Damien Boyce on Facebook because she thought that would be an effective way to end the robbery and send him on his way. It totally worked. After adding him, Boyce left, though he soon began messaging Beraun and being flirty.

damien boyce posing on facebookFacebook
Damien Boyce

“Look you know I’mma pay you back. It’s a f***** up way to meet someone, but d*** you wass to pretty to rob,” he wrote in one message.

Beraun tried to be understanding in her response, telling him, “I believe you man. I can tell you’re sweet, times just got rough. I know that.” However, when he asked her again to “come chill with me,” Beraun responded that she has a boyfriend but wishes him the best. Now, she says she feels unsafe at home since Boyce knows where she lives.

“He really tried to rob me of my own things, but he took away my sense of safety from my own home,” she admitted. “It makes me a little on edge knowing that people walk up and down the street, looking for places to commit crimes. It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.”

Damien Boyce was eventually arrested for the crime and charged with gunpoint robbery. However, he’s now out on $7,500 bail. He was also charged for another robbery that took place on June 12 and was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, criminal recklessness, burglary, and battery. Authorities say he shot two people and hit another one with a brick before barricading himself inside a building. However, he eventually handed himself into the SWAT team.

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