Britain’s Oldest Identical Twins, 95, Say ‘Plenty Of Sex’ Is The Key To Long Life

Britain’s oldest identical twins, aged 95, have revealed the secret to living a long and healthy life: having “plenty of sex.” Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Doris Hobday and Lil Cox had presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in stitches when they gave their cheeky answer to the question of how others might also reach such an advanced age.

  1. Way to tell your truth, ladies! After Piers posed the question of how both Doris and Lil had made it to 95, Lil turned to Doris and said, “Her secret… plenty of sex.” Doris was shocked that her sister had given such an answer, especially on national TV, but the presenters were too busy laughing to be offended.
  2. Lil has a major crush on Jason Statham. Doris isn’t the only one who likes getting freaky, as Lil herself has the hots for actor Jason Statham. When Piers brought this up, Lil dreamily replied: “One night with him and I’d die happy.” HAHA!
  3. She wasn’t stopping there! Lil even went on to admit that she was having a little flirt with Piers himself, which the anchor found rather hilarious and quite flattering. “You’re flirting outrageously, both of you!” he told them.
  4. Viewers absolutely loved Doris and Lil. They immediately took to Twitter to lavish praise on the twins, with one raving: “Omg I could of watched them gorgeous twins on @GMB all day absolutely loved them! 95 and such an inspiration.” We can all only hope to be so spritely and full of spirit at 95. Hell, we can only hope we get to 95 at all!

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