Shooting Victim Says Kim Kardashian Kept Her From Bleeding Out: ‘Skims Saved My Life’

Whatever your opinion on the Kardashians, many people agree that Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand actually makes some damn good products. And, as it turns out, some of those products can actually save lives! A woman named Angela Wiley credited the shapewear brand and its creator with saving her life after she was shot four times earlier this year.

In a video posted on TikTok in May, Wiley revealed that she was wearing Skims when she was shot in Kansas City, Missouri and it was the shapewear that kept her alive.

“Kim Kardashian saved my life,” she said. “This New Year’s I was shot four times. The night that I got shot, under my dress I was wearing a Skims shaping bodysuit. It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out.”

A police report obtained by KCTV5 revealed that Wiley’s injuries were non-life threatening, but she did get a cracked pelvis and a ruptured bladder in the shooting. Nevertheless, Angela Wiley believes her injuries would have been way more severe or even fatal had she not been wearing Skims.


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“I recommend [buying Skims. I’m definitely gonna buy some more. I mean I should wear it every day, it’s like body armor for women. Call it fate or Jesus, but I’mma call it Kim. I’mma call it Kim for sure,” she suggested.

In a follow-up video posted last weekend, Wiley, 22, said that the bullets would have taken a different path in her body were it not for the Skims. However, she noted that she still has a bullet in her stomach as the surgery to remove it would have been more risky than leaving it in place.

“I was so sad because that was the first day I got to wear [the shapewear],” she added. “I bought it and it finally delivered to my house December 31. I was so excited to wear it … I should’ve sized up, so keep in mind this m— was tight. I got shot at 1:40 and that m— got cut off.”

Kim Kardashian herself seemed moved by Wiley’s story, sharing the video on her Instagram Stories with the caption “wowww” and the praying hands emoji. Wiley herself said that Skims not only gave her a full refund on her purchase but also a discount should she wish to order again.


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