Apple Shows Off iPhone 15’s New USB-C Charging Port That All Of Its Devices Will Use

Apple Shows Off iPhone 15’s New USB-C Charging Port That All Of Its Devices Will Use Apple

Another day, another new Apple product that’s completely unnecessary and offers very little that its predecessor didn’t. This time, it’s the iPhone 15, though there is one big change here: It uses a USB-C charging point rather than a lightning cable, and the company says it’ll make power change on all of its devices moving forward.

  1. Other companies have been using USB-C for ages. However, Apple didn’t want to do that, likely because forcing customers to use lightning cables meant they’d have to shell out for proprietary products, therefore generating even more money for the company. They’ve been using the lightning port since the iPhone 5, so it’s been around for a while.
  2. Apple was forced to switch to USB-C. This move hasn’t been made by choice. Instead, European Union regulations meant that if Apple wanted to keep selling on the continent after 2024, they’d have to switch over. The company said last year, “Governments get to do what they do and obviously we’ll have to comply. We have no choice.” Poor you!
  3. The iPhone 15 isn’t the first Apple device to use USB-C. Their new iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TV devices all use USB-C, so the new iPhone is bringing things up to speed, it seems.
  4. Apple fans are happy to see the changeover. Tech fans are excited that USB-C charging points are finally coming to iPhone, with many taking to social media to express their jubilation. “There it is. USB-C, baby,” one person said. Another added that a “common charger is common sense.” Others congratulated Apple for finally getting with the times, especially since USB-C allows “faster charging, easier data transfers, and more compatibility with accessories.”
  5. If you’re buying a new iPhone, be prepared to pay up. After announcing the iPhone 15, Apple began selling a USB-C adapter in its online store for $29. You’ll only need that if you want to connect the lightning cable to your new phone after purchasing. Of course, a $900 phone should certainly come with a cord, so this purchase should be unnecessary for most people.
  6. Apple’s iPhone 15 will be available to buy on September 22, though preorders begin on Friday, September 15. They’ll be available in five colors, Apple says: yellow, pink, blue, green, and black. You can grab a regular iPhone 15 or an iPhone 15 Plus with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage capacities.
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