These ‘Golden Girls’ Candles Will Cast Your House In Heavenly Light

It seems like Golden Girls-inspired gifts are all the rage right now, and honestly, I kinda see why. What woman wouldn’t want to grow old with her BFFs like Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose? They’re basically life-long friendship goals, which is why I’m getting my girls these amazing Golden Girls candles from Etsy this Christmas.

  1. The Eternal Flame is an amazing Etsy store. Their whole business is based on the idea of making candles out of beloved figures from TV, movies, music, and even politics (the Elizabeth Warren candle is so good!). Regardless of your own personal saint, The Eternal Flame probably has a candle for them.
  2. The Golden Girls candles come as a set. That means for $55, you get all four of the women in their saintly form to cast heavenly light throughout your home and/or the homes of your loved ones. For such a unique and well-crafted gift, the price is a total steal!
  3. Each candle burns for 100 hours. The candles are 8 inches tall and comes in different wax colors, plus they burn for 100 hours each. That means the set comes with 400 hours combined burn time, so they should last you a very long time (unless of course you want to burn them incessantly, which I would find it very hard not to do).
  4. The designs are weather- and fade-proof. That means that when you’re done with this candle, you could always refill it with new wax if you’re crafty or even repurposing it for another use, the designs will still stay fresh and bright.
  5. They make the perfect gift. Maybe you just want to treat yourself or you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for your BFF this Christmas, and these candles are definitely it. Who wouldn’t want to burn these babies in their house this holiday season and beyond? You can buy yours HERE.
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