Incredible Artist Creates ‘Tom & Jerry’ Rug That Mirrors An Iconic Cartoon Moment

I grew up watching Tom & Jerry and absolutely loved it. It’s hard to say what was so good about it since on paper, the idea of a cat and mouse playing, well, cat and mouse with one another constantly isn’t necessarily all that thrilling. Still, I think we can all agree it’s one of the best and most iconic cartoons, which is why this incredible rug inspired by one of the most classic scenes of the series by rugsoda is so impressive.

  1. I think we all remember this Tom & Jerry moment. One of the best parts of the show was the fact that Tom always thought he was going to come out ahead because he was bigger than Jerry, but somehow he always ended up screwing himself over in the process, getting electrocuted, squashed, and everything else. When he was flattened to the shape of the stairs, I remember totally cracking up as a kid! This rug pays homage to that very moment.
  2. There’s so much great detail on this rug. What rugsoda did so well here was make the rug pliable so that it would fit the shape of the stairs exactly like it was in the cartoon. That little detail takes it from clever-looking to downright genius, don’t you think?
  3. The artist was offering the rugs for sale. He put them up on his website for preorder, but as you can imagine, they went really quickly. After all, who wouldn’t want this piece of cartoon magic in their own home? You could always keep an eye on the rugsoda website and see if he brings them back. Maybe if there’s enough demand, he will!

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