The Awkward Realities Of Women Who Suck At Flirting

You may have been in the dating game for a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re great at flirting. In fact, it might be your inability to show interest in a guy in a way that’s not overly awkward or ridiculously creepy that’s keeping you from finding a date to begin with. If you’re terrible at flirting, you’ll probably relate to these:

  1. You have one signature flirting move. Yet you still forget how to execute it properly when you spot a hot guy you want to flirt with. He ends up talking to another woman who obviously has way more game.
  2. You know you just can’t be yourself when flirting. Because that would mean awkwardness and disaster.
  3. Your flirting is often met with a pained reaction. Guys think you’ve lost it or are just way too weird. It’s not that you’re not trying to be cute, sexy, and interesting, it’s just that you’re going about it in completely the wrong way. Yikes.
  4. Your giggle is never cute. Like, ever. It’s more of like a cartoon character cackle, or actually OK until you accidentally snort. Either way, not a good look.
  5. Guys are super confused by you. They can’t figure out whether you’re flirting or if your stomach is aching. As a result, they end up feeling sorry for you. Some go as far as asking you if you feel alright or if you need help.
  6. You don’t realize that a guy’s flirting with you until a few hours later. And that means you’ve already lost your opportunity. You’ve probably missed out on so many dates because of how clueless you are. Ugh, WTF?
  7. You over-do your body language. You don’t know what subtlety means. You whip your hair here and there, wink, giggle, and bat your lashes like there’s no tomorrow. When you’re alone, you cringe at the thought of how you suck so bad at flirting.
  8. Nobody needs to tell you how weird you get when you’re in flirting mode. You know it very well and have tried for ages to lessen the overall weirdness, but you’re yet to succeed.
  9. You’re no stranger to being friendzoned. Thanks to your “flirting skills”.
  10. You wonder how your friends are nailing this art. They’ve given you more than enough flirting tips but you still can’t get the hang of it. You envy them for finding their perfect match when all you do is go to and from the friend zone to flirting zone again. Forget about getting a guy who would take you seriously.
  11. You still believe that someone will fall for your beautiful awkwardness and natural charm. Despite your painful experience in the dating pool, you’re still hopeful that someday, you’ll come across with someone who sucks at flirting like you do and you’ll develop a serious relationship with him. Hey, it could happen, right?
Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Find her broken, honest, and brave musings at