Ax-Wielding Florida Woman Threatens Roommate For Not Packing Fast Enough When Moving Out

Ax-Wielding Florida Woman Threatens Roommate For Not Packing Fast Enough When Moving Out Marion County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman who was in a hurry for her roommate to finish moving out of their house picked up an ax and threatened her to get moving. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (via Fox 35 Orlando) charged Andrea Cabrera with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of subsequent battery after the incident in the town of Citra on October 30.

The roommate had been living with Cabrera for less than a week.

Authorities say that the victim had only moved in four or five days prior but that Andrea Cabrera kicked her out because their “arrangement wasn’t working out.”

The roommate then called a friend to help her come and pack her stuff, but Cabrera wasn’t happy with the speed at which the process was happening and began to lash out.

Andrea Cabrera became “more and more agitated” as time went on.

As she continued to push the victim to pack faster, she became so angry that she picked up an ax and began threatening the woman, saying, “I’m gonna [expletive] you up.”

She then reportedly began swinging the ex at the wall several times.

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Cabrera simply wanted the woman and her friend to “hurry up.”

Andrea Cabrera later told police during an interview that she instructed the victim and her friend to “chop chop.” She added that she believed they could have completed the process much faster and that they should have been working harder to get out of there more quickly.

Cabrera also claimed she owned the ax specifically for protection, though she insisted that she didn’t threaten the roommate or her friend, nor did she pick up the ax at any time.

Andrea Cabrera is now in Marion County Jail on $7,000 bond. She has two prior battery charges.

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