Karma is basically the belief that what comes around goes around, or in other words, how you treat other people directly affects how you’re treated. I used to try and get revenge on people who hurt me in the past, but now that I’ve learned a little bit more, I no longer try to get even with other people—I just let karma do it for me.

It’s cliche, but two wrongs don’t make a right. 

Someone else’s bad behavior doesn’t excuse yours, even if theirs was first and intentionally directed at you. It doesn’t help any situation to add to the negativity even if someone else created it, it only just propels it further.

Instead of getting even, use that energy to get ahead. 

Don’t spend time, money and energy planning revenge on someone who’s done something to hurt you. Instead, use those resources to better yourself. You’ll benefit more and find that you have better things to worry about.

The best revenge is moving on anyway. 

If you retaliate, it just shows the other person that you care enough to do something back, even if it’s something negative. Happiness and success are the best revenge and just letting it go often ends up irritating someone looking to cause problems with you more than any revenge ever could.

No one can escape karma. 

Karma can follow you all over the world and it comes from the Buddhists, who believe that it follows you from one life to the next. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, your life will only get better by choosing to take the high road. It will separate you from the people who prefer not to, and would rather create chaos and drama, and you don’t need those kinds of people to be a part of your life TBH.

If someone hurts you, it’s a sign they’re struggling with themselves. 

Often times when people treat you badly, it’s because they feel bad about themselves or are dealing with something difficult. Instead of adding to it, it’s better to let it go and wish them the best (although this approach isn’t always easy). Better karma in your future, too. It’s a sign of maturity if when someone hurts you, instead of getting angry back at them, you try to understand them.

Sometimes people hurt you simply because they’re trying to get a reaction out of you. 

I’m not going to satisfy and accept that kind of behavior, which is why I avoid reacting to hurtful things and let karma take over. Revenge is simply continuing the drama and the hurt. It’s better to simply let it go, remove this person from your life, and not contribute to their behavior because even if they started it, it still brings you down to their level if you participate.

How you react when someone hurts you says a lot about your character and strength. 

Choosing not to feed into drama and negativity says a lot about what’s important to you and who you are as a person. If you react, you give them ammunition to fire again, which is probably what they’re looking for, but exactly what you don’t need.

The golden rule we learned in kindergarten? That still applies. 

Yes, we should know it by now, but not everyone does. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Of course, right? The key to this rule is that you have to follow it regardless of how they treat you. No matter how anyone treats you, treat them the way you want to be treated, not the way you actually ARE treated.

You can’t expect people to treat you as well as you treat them. 

But treat them well anyway. Just like you can’t expect everyone to be nice, you should still be nice to people that you meet. You can’t expect anyone to mirror the way that you treat them, but you should still do your best to be as kind and respectful as possible, always. It’s worth it and will make you a stronger, better and happier person long-term.

It can be impossible to control the effect a seemingly “fair” revenge might have. 

You might think that your reaction is equal to the pain they cause you, but once you set it into motion, it may be impossible for you to control exactly what happens and to what extent. It’s much healthier for you to let karma do that and instead just move on from the situation. Karma will provide a more than just punishment all on its own and you won’t have to deal with any repercussions or overreactions.

Karma is better at it than we are anyway. 

Often times, when someone treats you badly and you choose not to stoop to their level, you’ll notice that life takes care of that for you anyway. Karma is better at teaching lessons than we humans ever could be, and you get to avoid getting your hands dirty in the process.

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