The Best Places To Have Sex When You’re Bored Of The Bedroom

When fantasizing about having sex, you probably envision yourself in a comfortable bed somewhere. However, that’s not the only place to get intimate with someone. If you’re getting a bit bored of laying back on your king sized mattress and are looking for something new, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to have sex that you might want to consider.

Why sex in bed gets boring after a while

Not every couple feels this way, obviously. Some people are happy to keep their boinking in the bedroom forevermore, and that’s great! However, for many couples, things start to get a bit stale and lose some of the excitement after a while. Admittedly, it’s not necessarily where you’re doing it so much as what you’re doing. That being said, just as you change positions and try new toys, it’d be nice to switch up the locale during sex sometimes too.

The bedroom is, of course, the cleanest and most comfortable place to get down and dirty. However, when you want to spice things up a bit, changing your location could be the key. Obviously, you’re not paying much attention to the scenery when you’re screaming your partner’s name, but moving your session to another setting can add a whole new element to your intimacy that can’t be beat.

Best places to have sex outside of the bedroom

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  1. The bathroom of a dingy bar Yeah, it’s gross. That’s kind of the point! There’s something young, sexy, and fun about boning in a bathroom. What if someone walks in and hears you? Are you going to get a staph infection from touching the filthy toilet seat? Er, ignore that last part…
  2. The hood of a car Car sex sucks. The hood of a car, however, can be a good compromise. If you or your partner gets off on all things auto related, this could be a good choice.
  3. Public transportation Obviously, you shouldn’t be doing this during rush hour. However, a quickie when you’re catching the Q train home at 1 a.m. and the car is empty can be kind of exciting. Just be sure to finish before the next stop.
  4. The movie theater This is so old school, Alanis Morissette was singing about it back in the mid-’90s. Again, make sure there aren’t other people around. (And if there are only one or two others, make sure you’re seated far enough away from them.) Keep it quiet, keep it clean, and don’t forget to put your phones on silent.
  5. The kitchen counter An oldie but a goodie. There’s something raw and urgent about f**king on the kitchen counter. It tells your partner you want them so badly, you can’t even wait to get them to the bedroom. Plus, if you’re into incorporating food into the act, you’re that much closer to the fridge.
  6. The shower Admittedly, not everyone is a fan of shower sex, but is one of the best places to get it on. The biggest benefit is that everything is sorta slidey already AND you can clean up after the act without much effort.
  7. The washing machine All the better if it’s turned on and is on the spin cycle. The added vibrations will go a long way toward making things feel that much better, especially for the ladies out there.
  8. The couch Sure, it seems a bit boring in theory, but it can be good. The layout of a couch makes a variety of positions possible, plus you still have padding to make it a comfortable experience.
  9. In the backyard Please don’t do this if your property backs right onto someone else’s unless you’re into exhibitionism. However, if you don’t have neighbors close by and want to get it on under the stars, lay out a blanket and go for it.
  10. The stairs This is a bit played out, of course, but it’s still one of the best places to have sex. Your partner can bend you over the stairs and you can hang onto the railing while they give you the ride of their life. Just be careful of carpet burn.
  11. Your childhood bedroom There’s something a bit naughty about having sex in the bed you slept in as a kid. It’s a bit perverse, we know, but you have to admit it’s hot. That’s especially true if your parents are just next door. It might bring back memories of your younger years!
  12. The beach Obviously, there’s the ol’ sandy v to contend with (gross!), but if you’re not bothered about having to wash the beach out of your vagina, the beach is one of the best places to have sex. It’s romantic, the setting is beautiful, and it’s super chill. A little cliche, yes, but so what?
  13. Down an alleyway That sounds sketchy at first, we know. However, picture yourself pushing your way out of a nightclub with a hottie you’re so horny for that you literally can’t make it to a more secluded location. Hit up the alleyway and go at it against the wall. It’s very punk rock.
  14. At a concert Again, we’re not telling you to rip your pants down and get humping mid-Coldplay set. This very much depends on the venue, crowd, and setting. However, even if you can only manage a bit of fumbling around in each other’s pants, it’s a pretty solid place to get off.
  15. The living room floor If you’re the romantic type and you happen to have a house with a roaring fireplace, throw down a blanket and get to it. You’ll feel like you’re in one of those novels that used to have Fabio on the cover. (And who doesn’t want to feel like that every once in a while?)
  16. The park Be discrete, don’t do it when kids are around, and pick your spot wisely. You don’t want a dog chasing his ball to happen upon you humping behind a bush.
  17. A plane This is one of the best, most classic places to have sex for a reason. If you haven’t already joined the mile-high club, go for it. It’s not necessarily one of the most comfortable places to get it on, but it does have its charm. Sex in the air! What a novelty!
  18. At a library Yes, we know this is a weird one. However, assuming you’re in a massive library that’s basically empty, you might try to get away with it. Just make sure you’re super quiet or the librarian might come looking for you and you’ll get more than a scolding. You might even end up in handcuffs!
  19. In a swimming pool If you’re going for a night swim when you start feeling horny, pull down your swimsuit under the stars and get to it. This is a classic for many couples, particularly younger ones, as it does seem intensely sexy.
  20. In a hot tub Similar to the swimming pool, just much warmer (so prepare to sweat). Also, please try to be as clean as possible here, especially if you’re at an Airbnb and someone else is going to get in this thing.
  21. A balcony You’re overlooking an incredible city and you’re in full view. Assuming your neighbors aren’t close enough to actually see what you’re up to, this is a great place to have sex while taking in the skyline.
  22. The back of a taxi Again, slightly cliche, but still worth a go. You might not be able to go full P-in-V sex here unless you’re filming some kind of porno and your driver’s the director. However, you can definitely get fingered/give a guy a handjob if you’re crafty.
  23. At the office Office sex is the best because it’s so forbidden. You’d definitely lose your job if you got caught (so make sure you don’t), which makes things that much more exciting. Unless you’re boning a colleague, this might not be feasible, but if it is, give it a whirl.
  24. The gym You’re already sweaty, so hey, why not?
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