Better Ways To Spend Your Time Than Guessing If He’s Into You

You’ve met a guy who’s gorgeous, attentive and seems to enjoy your company. So why isn’t he texting you every minute of every day? If you literally can’t think of anything besides him and what he’s doing at any given second, you need a serious reality check. Here are 10 better ways to spend your time than guessing if he’s into you. You’re an awesome catch — and don’t you forget it. Nurture it.

  1. Read. Staring at your cellphone and being washed in its neon glow does nothing for your complexion. Turn your phone off and spend some time working on that brain of yours and pick up an engrossing book.
  2. Organize a vacation.Stop daydreaming about his beautiful face and start daydreaming about all the adventures you could have. There’s nothing like planning your next dream vacation to snap you back to focusing on your own dreams, desires and plans.
  3. Talk to your friends. Spend time with your good friends and do your best not to bore them with your new beau. Take extra care to ask them questions and engage with what’s going on in their lives, and it’ll distract you from the mind games you’re inevitably playing with yourself.
  4. Work harder — and better. Use that restless energy to get a head start on work. Focusing on your skills and furthering your own goals will keep your head on straight, and is far more productive than wondering why it’s been 14 hours since he’s seen the last message you sent.
  5. Volunteer your time. If you’re still restless, spend time contributing to other people’s problems. Put yourself out there and work towards something greater than yourself that won’t specifically benefit you. If this doesn’t distract you from his game-playing, nothing will.
  6. Pick up a new hobby or skill. Being a beginner jolts your senses and uses parts of your brain that have been asleep for a while. Try taking up a new hobby — get those guitar lessons you’ve wanted since you were a kid or start that blog you’ve always told yourself you’d write. Focus on being creative and making something of your time. So what if he his response to your last text was, “Sorry, who’s this?”
  7. Pamper yourself. Indulge in a mani-pedi, mimosas and brunch. Refresh your face with a facial or go all out and take a nap in the middle of the goddamn day. Self-love will remind you that you shouldn’t be wasting your brain-juice on a deadbeat guy who should be on the edge of his seat waiting for you to call him back.
  8. Discover art. If you’ve always thought that art was for other people and not for you, try and give it a shot. Make a list of different art galleries and museums in your area and take yourself out on dates to check them out. Allow yourself to be pretentious and ask yourself how you feel about each piece, without relating each one back to how he let butterflies loose in your stomach the last time you saw him.
  9. Date other men. There are plenty of fish in the sea — and having one of the hook doesn’t mean you have to stop casting your net. See other men and you might find that he’s not the catch you’ve convinced yourself he is.
  10. Call him and ask him what his problem is. Sometimes, you just have to know. You’ll either scare him off or impress him with your boldness. If he runs, he probably wasn’t a good match for you anyway. If he finds your honesty refreshing and sexy, you’re onto a winner. Either way, you can stop spending your time worrying about whether he’s into you – and get on with your day.