Woman Whose Son Is Beyonce’s Half Brother Says He Asks Why Singer Doesn’t Love Him

The mother of a 13-year-old boy who’s Beyonce’s half-brother has said her son often asks why the “Formation” singer doesn’t love him. Alexsandra Wright, 52, is mom to Nixon, whose father is also Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles. The pair had a two-year relationship before breaking up in 2009.

Wright, who works as the CEO of Global Collective, was said to be the reason Knowles and Beyonce’s mother, Tina, eventually divorced. However, it seems a shame to take it out on a child, and Wright says being shunned by his famous older sisters is painful.

Talking to The Sun, Wright says Nixon asks her, “Why doesn’t this person love me?” and she never has a good answer for him.

She also shared that she believes Beyonce’s song “Ring Off” tells the story of Matthew and Tina’s marriage coming to an end and it brings her to tears.

“It’s not for me but I know the timing. I was inside. And when I listen to it, I have goosebumps and tears,” she said. “It makes me cry for them because everyone is in pain and there has been so much sadness.”

However, what pains her most is that Beyonce doesn’t see Nixon when he’s her half-brother. They live close to one another and yet never have any contact whatsoever.

[Beyonce] is a billionaire and just bought the most expensive house in California, ten miles from where we live,” Wright said. “But no, there has not been any contact. The pain still needs to heal. My main concern has been dealing with a child that asks, ‘Why doesn’t that person love me?’”

She added: “It’s a very human story and I sit in the bathroom and cry sometimes because I just don’t know how to help him be his own person. But I believe our children and grandchildren will be much better human beings than we are. They have Snapchat and all that. I think they will find a way to open up and have that conversation.”

I think she’s living in a dream world, but who knows?

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