Blind Dad-To-Be Gets To Feel Baby Scan After Friend Makes Embroidered Version

A blind dad-to-be may not have been able to see his unborn child’s sonogram, but he was able to feel it after a family friend made an embroidered version of the scan. Nathan Edge and partner Emma Fotheringham, both 26, are about to welcome their first child in May 2021 and they’re super excited about becoming parents. However, Emma was upset that Nathan wouldn’t be able to see the scan. That’s when their friend Deb Fisher stepped in to help.

  1. Being able to “see” his son was fantastic for Nathan. Working with Emma, Deb was able to create a 3-D version of the baby scan that Nathan could run his fingers along and therefore get a better idea of what his future child will be like. “I was quite emotional, it took me a few minutes to work it out,” he recalled. “But normal baby scans are quite difficult to work out when you can see them.”
  2. Nathan can’t wait to be a dad. While he’s obviously apprehensive for the massive life change ahead of him, Nathan is really excited about becoming a dad to an awesome little boy. The embroidered sonogram only helped with that feeling. “It is very exciting about becoming a dad, a little bit scary, but I am definitely excited. I have no sight at all so I was not able to see the scan photo and I missed out on that,” he said.
  3. Nathan lost his sight at 18. While Nathan was born with sight, he developed arthritis at age six and that led to him losing his sight completely by the time he was 18. He’d had two operations previously to try and fix it, but neither worked and he learned to embrace it. He met Emma soon after and they’ve now been together for four years.
  4. How awesome is Deb to help out like that? “A lovely lady Deb who is a local puppy walker for guide dogs dropped me a message. She said she was so happy for us both but sad that Nathan was unable to see our baby grow on our scan photos,” Emma recalled. “She said she had never embroidered before but would love to try and embroider all of our scans for Nathan to enable us to experience the joy of our baby boy growing together. I couldn’t believe someone could be so kind and thoughtful and knew it would be something very special for Nathan.” What a lovely gesture!


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