My Boyfriend Cares More About Video Games Than He Does About Me

Being with someone you love and accepting their flaws can be tiring, taking up every ounce of energy you have trying to be understanding. Loving a guy who has a serious addiction to playing video games is one of the most irritating relationship situations I’ve dealt with, but no matter how much I complain or nag, I’m still left staring at a TV screen. At this point, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend loves video games more than he loves me.

  1. Our relationship wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, my boyfriend was loving, playful, attentive, and basically as close to perfect as I could ask for. We went on adventurous dates, we’d talk for hours about what we want in life, and throughout this time, he never played video games. I was his queen who he’d go to the ends of the earth to please, but I’ve since been replaced by a pile of plastic and cords.
  2. I’m actually worried for his health at this point. I’d hate for him to gain 200 pounds and lose all feeling in his lower body from lack of use. Watching him sitting and doing nothing for hours on end worries me. How long can he actually sit there before it has adverse effects on his health? He needs to get up and at least get a few minutes of sunshine and some circulation through his limbs.
  3. I know I’m annoying when I nag, but I didn’t sign up for this. I can hear myself being extremely annoying yelling at him over and over about the game or about the fact that he hasn’t done anything with himself for days, but I can’t bring myself to care. I didn’t sign up for a lazy boyfriend who wants nothing to do with me. It isn’t fair, and in my defense, if it was like this, in the beginning, I wouldn’t have jumped on for the ride.
  4. I offer things the video game can’t. Sure, the guy gets a high every time he hatches an egg or finds a cool new dragon on his games, but when it comes to the bedroom, this game cannot do things that I can. A man would have to be pretty silly to give that up, right? You would think so, but I’ve mentioned this before and his response is, “It’s not all about sex.” I agree with him 100%, but it has to be more than this.
  5. Listening when I talk would save him a lot of time. Every time I try to talk to him, he isn’t listening. It’s like he actually thinks I’m braindead enough to not realize he’s staring at the TV. I ask him, “Are you listening to me?” and he scrambles up something in his brain to spit out that has nothing to do with what I said. Then I get mad and we have long talks about our feelings. If he would just listen to me in the first place, it would save him a lot of pain from listening to me yell.
  6. Having him help me around the house would make me happy. All I ask is that he helps me around the house. I mean, how long does it take to tidy up a bit? He knows it only takes a few minutes to clean up the house before he starts playing his game. Instead, I come home and the house is trashed while he sits around on his butt playing games.
  7. We both work, so it’s only fair. I work just as much as he does. I make sure he has clean underwear to wear and that he has dinner every night while keeping up with my workload. It is only fair that he has to help too. If I sat at home all day and did nothing while he worked hard, then I could see his side. I deserve some help when I ask for it. Aren’t relationships supposed to be 50/50?
  8. He’s wasting time playing his game when he could be with friends & family. Understanding a guy’s brain is nearly impossible for me. You would think he’d want to spend time with his family or do activities with living humans, but nope. We don’t get very long on this earth and I would hate for him to spend most of his playing video games lost in a fantasy world. Family and friends are important.
  9. I love him, but it has to stop. I would never say I wanted to end our relationship, but sometimes repeating yourself over and over gets too irritating that walking away seems like the only option. He gets an hour and then it’s time to act like adults again. We have ways to try to cope with his video game addiction, but sometimes it can still be a struggle. Hopefully this is a phase and he’ll eventually move on from video games.
  10. I don’t deserve this—I know my worth. Every time I get upset, I tell myself that I don’t deserve this. It sounds silly being this upset about video games, but feeling like you don’t matter would hurt anyone’s feelings. I just want my boyfriend back who loved me and thought of me as his world. I deserve better and I know he knows he messes up. Sometimes I think it’s hard for him to know when it’s time to listen to me before I get so upset I leave. He’s an amazing person who has an annoying addiction to something that drives me mad.