New Bride Was Dumped By Husband The Day After Wedding Because Of ‘Jealous’ Mother-In-Law

A new bride has claimed that her husband dumped her only a day after their wedding because of her “jealous” mother-in-law. Taking to TikTok, Jillian revealed that her marriage lasted less than 24 hours and it was all down to the fact that her new husband’s mother couldn’t deal with her son giving so much attention to another woman. The man’s sister, however, denies those claims and referred to her brother’s marriage as a massive mistake.b


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  1. Jillian and her husband had a “beautiful” beach wedding. Jillian shared the story of her wedding in the video, revealing that the couple exchanged vows on a beach in Mexico. It seemed that everything was going to be a total dream… but that dream soon turned into a nightmare.
  2. Her mother-in-law apparently hosted an “intervention” for her son. Apparently realizing that her son was truly moving on to start his life with another woman, Jillian said her mother-in-law suddenly decided to host “an intervention” for her son and demanded he choose between Jillian and her… on their wedding day. Does seem odd that she waited until after they exchanged vows to do this…
  3. Jillian found herself dumped pretty much immediately. Guess the husband chose his mother? “He took off his wedding ring and dumped [me] literally the day after the wedding,” Jillian claimed. She went on to say that her mother-in-law was clearly “jealous” of their relationship and couldn’t handle her son getting married.
  4. She was heartbroken, of course. Jillian said she flew home after the wedding only to find that her home country of Canada was on lockdown because of the coronavirus. She couldn’t go back home to live in quarantine with her ex because it was too painful and his family had apparently barred him from seeing her anyway.
  5. Apparently, the husband won’t even divorce her. When she approached him recently to say that they should begin working on filing for a divorce, the husband allegedly told her that it couldn’t happen for at least three years since he was planning on moving. Huh?!
  6. The husband’s sister says it’s all total BS. She took to Twitter after Jillian posted her TikTok to call Jillian’s claims “absolute lies.” Instead, she says that the marriage was a mistake and promised that her family is “healthy” and totally normal and the mom wasn’t an issue. Who’s telling the truth? We may never know.
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