Buttered Saltine Crackers Are The Latest Snack Trend Taking Over The Internet And I’m Not Mad About It

When you’re a kid, all the foods that seem super boring and uninspired are all the ones that you grow up realizing are genius (and delicious) in their simplicity. For instance, most adults would agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than fresh bread slathered with a thick layer of butter, right? Nothing fancy but totally tasty. It seems like the latest food trend taking over the internet is also embracing bare-bones deliciousness. We’re talking about buttered saltine crackers, of course.

Who doesn’t love a Saltine? Often enjoyed crushed up and sprinkled into soup (they go *chef’s kiss* with a New England clam chowder in particular), saltines are actually a yummy foodstuff on their own. Sure, you might only eat them solo when you’ve got a bit of nausea (along with some ginger ale, naturally), but they’re actually totally respectable right out of the package.

Adding butter takes saltines to a whole new level. If we’re being honest, I’ve never met a food that hasn’t been made even better by the addition of butter, and saltines are no exception. Spread a slab right onto the cracker’s surface and take a bite – you’ll be transported to a world full of snacking perfection.

You can even get fancy with the buttered saltine idea. If simply putting butter on saltines isn’t quite haute cuisine enough for you, I’ve got your back. There are actually numerous recipes floating around online that play with idea in some really fun ways. For instance, The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for seasoned buttery crackers that adds in Italian seasoning and seasoned salt and then bakes them to perfection. Look at you go, chef!

These can definitely rival buttered Ritz crackers. Another simple and similar snack, buttered Ritz crackers have arguably been more popular than buttered saltines, but something tells me that’s all about to change, just as it should!

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