Why Being a Challenge Makes You Sexier Than You Think

With the popularity of Tinder, it may seem like guys are only interested in a sure thing: a girl who will come over and get naked without much more than a hello and strategically angled penis picture. Guys don’t want to actually try anymore, so if you make it hard for them, they’ll move on to the next girl without a second thought. While there are a lot of guys like that (and girls too, for that matter), the kind of guy who actually wants more than sex is probably interested in a girl who isn’t necessarily easy to win over. That doesn’t mean you have play hard to get, it just means you are hard to get— because you have standards and you’re proud of it.

Guys like the chase.

Of course he isn’t going to turn down a girl who does all the work, but at the same time, he probably won’t stay interested for long. If he has to put in work, he’ll have the chance to consider how much he really wants you, and then he’ll be a lot more invested in the outcome.

Guys are competitive.

He most likely knows he could pick up a girl without breaking a sweat if he wanted to, but where’s the fun in that? If it’s too easy, it’s not as satisfying. If you make it hard for him, he’ll automatically want it even more.

You aren’t interested in just anyone who gives you a little attention.
Unless he’s looking for a quick no-nonsense hook up, he’s probably not going to be interested in a girl who has no standards whatsoever. Knowing what you want is half the battle, and having the strength to stick to it is a turn on.

You’re in demand.

If he knows he has to step up his game to get your attention, he’s going to assume it’s because you have plenty of other options. That will tap into his competitive streak again, because he’ll want to be the guy who comes out on top.

If he wins you over, he’ll feel like he accomplished something.

Going back to the competitive thing, guys enjoy working hard for something they want. We all set goals to push ourselves past our comfort zone, and if he pursues you even though you’re not a sure thing, it’s because he wants to prove his own worth.

You’re comfortable being single.

Since you aren’t willing to settle for just anyone, you must be fine with the idea of staying single if that’s what it comes down to. That probably means you’re independent and you can take care of yourself, and what guys doesn’t love that?

You don’t stop challenging him after the chase is over.

Just because you finally decided to give him a chance doesn’t mean it’s suddenly going to be smooth sailing. He wanted you because you’re smart and you keep him on his toes, and he knows that’s not going to go away once you’re together. You’re the type of girl who doesn’t just attract guys, but knows how to keep them interested.

Looks only go so far.

Not every attractive girl has a personality to match. While looks might be important for the night, if you aren’t a well rounded person he’s going to lose interest. It’s like going to a movie that gave away all the funny parts in the trailer.

The things you have to fight for are worth having.

It’s just human nature to think things that aren’t always easy are more worthwhile. Relationships in general aren’t easy, but we work for them anyway, so we might as well choose someone who’s worth the effort.

You know who you are

. It’s hard to miss a girl who knows exactly what she wants and is unwilling to compromise who she is to get it. You have no intention of settling for less than you deserve, meaning you’ll bring out the best in any guy you’re with. At least if he wants to keep you, that is.

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