Channel Your Inner Olivia Pope In 12 Easy Steps

If you’ve watched Scandal, you’ve definitely fallen in love with the fierce Olivia Pope. Not only is she jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but she’s also the biggest badass on the east coast. She’s basically everyone female’s feminist hero, role model, and fashion idol all wrapped up in one. If you want to be a bit more like her — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? — then here are 12 easy ways to channel your inner Olivia Pope.

  1. Use confidence to get what you want. Olivia knows she’s the best at what she does and doesn’t mind sticking it to the high-end bureaucrats who try to intimidate her. If you know you are good at something, own at, and don’t take crap from anyone who tries to challenge you.
  2. Stop worrying about whether people like you. Do you think Olivia has time to care about what other people think of her? Don’t waste your time trying to win over those who don’t respect you. Just do what you do best, focus on your making your own grass greener, and the right people will find their way into your life.
  3. Know how to tell a story. Olivia can basically convince any one to do anything. She knows that in order to get someone to take her side, she has to convince them that her way is the only way and that making any other decision would be a fatal mistake. If only they taught fierce feminine PR skills in school.
  4. Stop yelling and screaming — just speak with authority. Gaining leverage in the White House is tough enough, especially for a woman surrounded by a bunch of old grumpy dudes. Olivia knows that yelling will only make her look unstable and an easier target to be called a bitch. Just because you aren’t as big and loud as your male counterparts doesn’t meant that you aren’t as smart and capable. By mastering the stern voice, you’ll demand the attention of your peers and angle the conversation in your direction.
  5. Don’t allow the word “bitch” to take away your power. Bitch is such a commonly used word these days that it typically can roll of someone’s tongue without even making you flinch. Some of us even like to be called a bad bitch. But Ms. Pope spelled out exactly why calling a woman a bitch is derogatory and not okay: it’s the quickest way to degrade a woman’s power and shouldn’t be tolerated.
  6. Get your blush, cream, and white, outfits on. Olivia brings a whole new meaning to dressing to impress. Black may be the traditional “power” color, but Olivia shows you just how fierce you can look in white.
  7. Never let anyone tell you what to do. Olivia doesn’t take crap from anyone — not even the leader of the free world. So keep your head high and stand your ground, no matter who you’re talking to.
  8. Fight for what you know is right. Pope & Associates are all about “wearing the white hat.” Doing what’s right is always the best decision, so fight the good fight, no matter how uphill the battle may be.
  9. Drink wine when you’re stressed. Who doesn’t love wine? Whenever things are stacking up on Olivia’s plate, there’s nothing like wine and popcorn to help her come up with the right solution. So go ahead – unwind and have a glass. Or a bottle…
  10. Love living alone. Olivia’s drool-worthy apartment is just as swanky as her fashion. Spending the time to create the apartment of your dreams is worth the energy. Home should be a place you love to spend time, even alone. So go ahead and sip wine in front of the TV without spilling on your wrinkle-free, cream-colored sweater.
  11. Trust your gut. Women in general have amazing gut instincts; we just don’t always listen to them. Olivia is amazing at reading people and situations and always trusts what she’s feeling. So listen to what your gut is telling you, even if others are trying to sway you in a different direction.
  12. Be a gladiator. Gladiators not only fight to the death, but they also fight for others – not to be a champion or to be recognized, but to hopefully do something good. Success comes from serving others or from working for something bigger than you. Success is a process — a selfless process. 
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