Charcuterie Wreaths Are The Perfect Way To Spread Holiday Cheer

Charcuterie Wreaths Are The Perfect Way To Spread Holiday Cheer

You’ve heard of charcuterie chalets and you may even have had a go at making your own hot chocolate charcuterie board, but if you really want to take your holiday spirit to the next level, we’ve got to go even further with incorporating delicious foods into our Christmas decorations. With that in mind, might I suggest you make a charcuterie wreath?

Wreaths are perfect for winter. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, wreaths are a ubiquitous sign of winter, coziness, and warmth. That means that regardless of whether or not December 25 is a big deal to you, chances are you have something to celebrate this time of year (even if it’s just the fact that you made it through this year!) and a charcuterie wreath would have a place in your home.

Who doesn’t love grazing? Perhaps one of the best things about any kind of charcuterie arrangement, be it a board or a wreath, is that you can sorta snack at your own pace over the course of an afternoon/evening. Pick up a couple crackers here, a few slices of salami there, maybe a grape on your way to the kitchen to refill your drink. It doesn’t get more chill than that.

Like most charcuterie arrangements, the contents are up to you. While you’ll definitely want some greenery around (even if it’s not edible) to really bring home the wreath effect, the foods you include in your charcuterie wreath are up to you. Pick your favorite cheeses, meats, fruits, and breadsticks and go to town!

These things are all the rage on Instagram. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your charcuterie wreath, check out the #charcuteriewreath hashtag on Instagram. It’s chock full of some incredible spreads that will make you want to head to the store to pick up your ingredients ASAP.

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